Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom

'Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom' explains the critical place of emotional intelligence in behaviour management in order to create an effective classroom climate for effective teaching-and-learning to occur.

The course includes video materials and Word documents and will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

The course is structured into six parts:

1. 'Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom' - an introduction

2. Emotional Intelligence and The Learning Brain

3. The 3 Phases of Maturity

4. The 6 Emotional Intelligence Skills for the Classroom

5. A Booklet of Practical Strategies for the Classroom

6. The Emotional Intelligence Quiz

7. Plenary/Conclusion

The course also explains the hierarchy of learning and where emotional intelligence is within this hierarchy. In addition, the course explains how the teaching of emotional intelligence forms the foundations for the empowerment of students' learning.

Imagine your teaching day with no behaviour issues....

Imagine having a unique insight into each student's learning brain - how it works and how you can develop it to make every student you teach engaged, successful students...

Well, this has been happening in thousands of schools for over ten years so join the 'Readiness-to-Learn' revolution!  

More details about the course here.

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