Science Technology Engineering, Arts and Mathematics

Innovative thinkers and powerful problem-solvers are the linchpin of the 21st century workforce. To prepare students to be self-directed and engaged contributors to the workforce, more and more educators are introducing students to STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

This involves rethinking the way teaching and learning occurs, the outcomes they're aiming for, and the connections students make.

How do we help students master the content and skills they need to drive economic growth and to become successful, productive citizens? We need significant changes in our ability to provide a dynamic learning environment that involves students in learning and applying more rigorous content. We need vibrant classrooms that promote creativity, exploration, and problem solving. The time is right for STEM and STEAM to be part of your curriculum.

We have designed this course to help you meet that challenge by providing you with opportunities to accomplish these purposes:

  • Build an understanding of STEM/ STEAM with a focus on implications for teaching and learning. Analyze the components of STEM/ STEAM curriculum and the methods used in these classes.
  • Create a STEM or a STEAM lesson outline and share ideas with other course participants.
  • Learn how to develop a sustainable STEM or STEAM program in your school.
  • Tackle STEM/STEAM hot spots – engage in a session involving topics such as student teaming, diversity, parent involvement, technology, and other topics of interest to participants.
  • Share what you are learning and doing involving STEM.

This 5-week long course launches April 8 and space is limited! Don’t miss out!

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About the Instructors

Anne Jolly is a former science teacher in the Mobile County Public School System and the 1994 Alabama Teacher of the Year. She currently develops STEM curriculum for the Engaging Youth through Engineering (EYE) initiative in Mobile, AL. Anne serves on the Alabama Math, Science, Technology, and Engineering Coalition Board of Directors. She has also served on the National Commission on Math and Science Teaching for the 21st Century (the Glenn Commission) and the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Science Education K-12. Anne blogs about STEM on MiddleWeb.

As a professional developer, Anne implements Professional Learning Teams to increase teaching effectiveness. Her most recent publication, Team to Teach, is available through Learning Forward. Anne also works with the Center for Teaching Quality to create and moderate virtual teacher communities to advance teacher learning and education advocacy.

Nancy Flanagan is a retired teacher, with 31 years as a K-12 Music specialist in the Hartland, Michigan schools. She was named Michigan Teacher of the Year in 1993, and is a National Board Certified Teacher. She served for two years as Teacher in Residence with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, working on issues of teacher leadership and education reform. Flanagan is co-founder of the Network of Michigan Educators and her blog, Teacher in Strange land, is featured on Education Week's Teacher division. She served as Electronic Media Coordinator for the Save Our Schools March, in July, 2011.


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