Connected Learner Lite - eCourse

Connected Learner Lite

This is a 12-week eCourse that will take you from “What is 21st Century learning and why is it important?” to “How do I create a 21st Century classroom or school?”  

The learning parallels our year-long PLP Connected Learner Experience but at a fraction of the cost and in only 12 weeks time. Participation in pairs or with a group of colleagues is highly recommended for this eCourse.

7,000 educators have transformed their teaching and learning with this unique PD opportunity that combines Web 2.0 tools with collaboration, networking, rethinking classrooms and online learning.

Even though the CLE is our most popular PD offering, not everyone can join us for a full year. So we’re opening up a parallel learning experience: Connected Learner Lite.

The Webinar Curriculum: Week by Week

You’ll get twelve 60-minute, synchronous, online webinars taking you from “What is 21st Century learning and why is it important?”  to“How do I create a 21st Century classroom or school?” In addition, you'll work inside an online community of educators. This provides deep, engaged discussion, sharing what works, and examples for each step of the way.

More details about the course here.

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