Creating Virtual Classroom with Edmodo

Virtual Classroom with Edmodo

Edmodo is one the most popular social networking site for educators to share resources and ideas with the students all across the world. Edmodo is really used as a platform for digital classroom.

Here are the steps on how to create a virtual classroom with Edmodo.

The address is simple, when you get into the home page, it asks you to sign in or sign up. There are three different ways you can have account on edmodo; a teacher, a students and a parents. The best thing is, it is free resource.  

For Teacher’s Account:

    • First Name
    •    Last Name
    •    Email Id
    •    Password

For Student’s Account:

    •    Group Code (Given by teachers)
    •    User Name
    •    Password
    •    Email (optional): Students do not need email address to open an account; it is optional.
    •    First Name
    •    Last Name

 What you can have in Teacher’s Account at Edmodo?

      •    Its interface looks like other social networking site.
      •    You have home button, discover, progress and library button at the top of the page.
      •    As a teacher, you can make post to your students just like you do on Facebook.
      •    At Edmodo, teachers can organize their students into groups; the option for this is available on the left side. Students are asked to join the group using group code given by teachers.
      •    Group code is important and only teachers can see the groupE.
      •    Teachers have the access to lock the group to prevent other students joining it.
      •    Students are unable to write direct messages to each other.
      •    Teachers can allow students to reply other students where everyone can see it.
      •    Other teachers can also contribute in the group, created by a specific teacher.
      •    Teachers can also divide students in small groups with similar project or levels.
      •    Apart from giving feedbacks, teachers can also give badges to their students.
      •    Infact you can also create your own badages.

How to Post Assignments on Edmodo?

      •    Click on the assignment button available on the top of the Timeline.
      •    Teachers can write title and brief about the discussion and also assign due date to finish the assignment.
      •    Teachers also have to mention the name of group to whom they are assigning the task.               
      •    After doing all these things now hit save.
      •    Now click on the "save" in button.
      •    Teachers can also give feedback to their student about their assignment by clicking various options like "needs improvement", "admirable", "spelling mistake", etc. 

Google Drive and Edmodo

      •    Teachers and students both can link their Edmodo account to their Google drive account.
      •    Your library shows all the resources that you may have built in Edmodo.
      •    Library tab helps you to connect with the Google Drive docs into Edmodo.
      •    You can put all your Google docs in the Google Drive folder present in Library.

What you can have in Student’s Account at Edmodo?

      •    You use your group code and name to sign-in as the student.
      •    After singing-in, you can see the assignment on your timeline.
      •    Student can turn-in to their assignment and download documents.
      •    After completing the assignment, attach it into the comment section.
      •    Remember, you can upload any kind of file and format at Edmodo.
      •    Students can even give the feedback as well as can add comment.
      •    Students can revise or resubmit the assignment as well.


About the Author
Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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