[Tips for Teachers] Learn Everything About EduCreations

Learn Everything about Educreations

Today, there are a number of apps available to help educators. Here, we are going to talk about educreations.com which is a wonderful screencasting app that ican be used to flip your classroom.


It is a great app for your iPad or a web browser. You can view and create screencast using your computer or your mobile device. Mobile devices or iPad offer little more features when creating screencast.

Creating an Account

Before you go and starts working on it make sure you sign-up to use its features.

How to Create An Account?

  • Go to Sign-Up; there you will be asked “are you student or teacher”, pick one.
  • If you will go for teacher, it will ask First Name, Last Name, Email Id and Password.
  • If you will for student, it will ask for course code; students do not need an email address.


  • You can easily browse other teacher’s account with the help of your own account.
  • You can browse several topics over the homepage.
  • You can browse using options like Math, Science, Social Studies, English World Language and Art.
  • Any link you found helpful do share it to others as well.
  • In fact, you can follow the content creator as well.

At Educreations.com, you do not need to bother about great content for your students. You just can find very useful contents on Educreations.com created by some other teacher. You just need to share the link to watch the video.

Creating Courses and Enrolling Students

Creating courses at Educreations.com is much easier from the website than the app.

How to create courses?

Consider course like a classroom, like you have students in your classroom, you can post course materials to a specific student.

  • Click on the tab "create courses".
  • Fill course name, subject area, privacy and finally description about course.
  • Teachers can even enable Q and A for a particular course. It helps students to ask questions to the teacher.
  • After this, click on create, soon you will get the option to create lesson.
  • On this page, you can enroll students to whom you want to showcase the lesson. You can enroll students using their specific registration code.

Key Notes about Educreations.com

  • Teachers can speak while creating a lesson.
  • Teachers can give students problems and let them work on it.
  • They can also customize the visibility settings.
  • If students have missed any lecture in class then they can easily get their assignment on the website.

Screencasting Best Tips

  • Story Board
  • Pre-Create Pages and Text
  • 4-7 minutes
  • Sequences videos in courses
  • Ask a Question and Pause for a Answers
  • End With Questions

Creating Lessons on iPad or Mobile Devices

Educreation.com is available on the iPad and other mobile devices. You can download the app on your iPad and work on it.

  • You can add text from your iPad.
  • You also have the ability to change colors.
  • You can preview your previous work flow.
  • You can even add links or pages.

Project Workflow

  • Workflow assignment using Edmodo and Educreations
  • Create assignments in Edmodo
  • Students uploads Educreations link to Edmodo

To know more about Educreations, click here.

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