How to Use Wacom, SmoothDraw and Camtasia Studio for Creating Engaging Videos like Sal Khan

How You Can Use Wacom, SmoothDraw and Camtasia Studio for Creating Engaging Videos like Sal Khan

Educator’s aim is to get learners engaged in the hands-on learning activities and to do this, they use different tools. Among various tools video is one of the best instrument that interest learners a lot.

With sound and sight, videos are also right medium for those visual or auditory learners. Video stories not just generate interest as well as maintain that interest of the learner for long time. Moreover, it also facilitates educators to deliver curriculum content effectively.

With the advancement in technology, there are a lot of tools available that helps educators to create engaging and innovative videos to help their students in the learning process. Amazing engaging videos can be easily created using the devices like Wacom tablets and software like SmoothDraw and Camtasia Studio.

You must have heard about Salman Khan Academy - it is an ace academy in providing innovating and easy to learn videos for the students. So before you go ahead and learn about these two video making software take a look on this video explaining how Salman Khan uses Wacom tablet, SmoothDraw and Camtasia Studio to create amazing and innovative videos.

Here are detailed descriptions of SmootDraw and Camtasia Studio, both have great features to create engaging videos.

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is the best tool to create interactive videos for multimedia projects for education and training purpose. There are two types of software Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac used for creating amazing and interactive videos using screencast.

Camtasia Studio is the best way to capture the happenings of the world. Users can perfectly record footage of what is happening in the laptop or computer screen, as well as editing it in slick presentation. Using Camtasia Studio, users can edit and import video clips, music and images. All these features make Camtasia a great tool of making video tutorials.

Components of Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio has two components:

  • Camtasia Recorder
  • Camtasia Studio editor

Camtasia Recorder is a tool for taking screen video and audio, whereas Camtasia Studio editor is used to edit the captured screen video. Let’s get into detail.

Camtasia Recorder

Using the Camtasia Recorder, users can able to begin, pause, resume and stop recording using the hotkey. It renders the input captured in CAMREC format. This CAMREC file can be saved in to disk or users can directly import it into Camtasia Studio editing.

Camtasia Recorder enables recording of audio while capturing the screen. Hence, it enables users to capture live narrative stories. Camtasia recorder also empowers dubbing in other audio or voiceover at the time of capturing.

Camtasia Studio Editor

Using Camtasia Studio editor, users can import multimedia inputs from a lot of formats. Camtasia Mac v2 and Camtasia Studio v8 provides a number of options to improve units of the recorded screen to pull attention using a cursor or pointer to highlight section over the screen.


SmoothDraw is a hand drawing tool that produces good results. It is very lightweight and easy to operate. This amazing drawing tool offers users layers, brushes and all types of extra utilities. These tools make manipulation and photo editing easy.

The biggest benefit of SmoothDraw is that it is simple. There is no hard and fast learning curve included for new users while using these tools. Its spontaneous edge keeps things simple for any type of users that also includes beginners. It offers:

  • Customized Express Toolbar: Number keys for shortcuts and dropdown for all tools.
  • Color Palette: Right mouse button click to save current color and left mouse button click to use.
  • Canvas: Drag with middle mouse button to move canvas along with Alt key pressed to rotate canvas.
  • At SmoothDraw, users can find good quantity of tools and brushes for paint.
  • Some are:
  • pen
  • leaky pen
  • digital pencil
  • 2B pencil
  • dry media
  • felt pen
  • digital air brush
  • fine spray airbrush
  • graffiti, bristle brush

Hope this will give you a good idea about how to create great videos for your students.

How do you achieve the same? Share with us.

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