Why Teachers Love ClassDojo for Classroom Management?

Why Teachers Love ClassDojo for Classroom Management?

ClassDojo is a tool used by teachers in the classroom for behavior management. Students can make their profile with an avatar on ClassDojo.

Teachers can reward their students with positive and negative dojos or points.

All remarks given by the teachers throughout the lesson are recorded on the student’s profile so that they can review. Parents can also sign-up on ClassDojo to see their kid’s achievements.

How ClassDojo Helps Educators?

Classroom management is the biggest challenge teachers’ face nowadays. Therefore, teachers constantly look for the apps that help them in the classroom management. ClassDojo app is available for both Apple (iOS) and Android users. Using this app, teachers can achieve three goals.  

Improve Behavior

ClassDojo is simple to use. Teachers can set class or classes. Once they set up the class teachers can reward points to their students for negative and positive behavior. They can reward points or dojo to the class or the individual students. ClassDojo comes with the list of behaviors also teachers can make their own list of behavior. Students can get immediate feedback from their teachers for their behavior.

Lisa Mims, a 5th grade teacher in Delaware says, "I rarely assign negative behavior points. My students know that if they earned a negative, it had to be a big deal. I found that positive points motivate my students and have a greater impact on their behavior."

Yes! It is true that students just love the positive sound and fear the negative one. ClassDojo can be used with smartphones, laptops, desktops, and interactive whiteboard.  

Mims further added," I introduced ClassDojo to other teachers in my school, and even those who are not tech-savvy use it. When students come to me for Book Club or Math Intervention, I have separate "dojo" classes for each ofthem."

Save Time

One of the reasons why ClassDojo is the popular among the educators is that it saves their time. By recording accomplishments and behaviors in the classroom in just one click teachers can save a lot of time.  

Kaytlyn Flynn- a fifth grade teacher at St Joseph Elementary School says, "As a teacher I was struggling with transition time and when I started using ClassDojo I was really looking to eliminate the time it took for the students to get ready. Before I use ClassDojo, it took the children about three minutes to transition between say signs to math, with ClassDojo and getting a positive points students are doing the right thing, it takes now one minute."

Sharing Data

ClassDojo automatically keeps the data of the behavior of the students in the classroom gen by their teachers. In fact teachers can set the reports up in order to send it later to the parents. Parents can connect with their kid’s teachers for getting reports from their teachers. Once they get connected, they receive emails every Friday that reminds them to see their kid’s report. ClassDojo is the best tool to keep parents in the loop.

Kendra Frank- a teacher at an elementary school in Daly City says," A lot of my kid’s parents work to jobs, so they don’t have as much time to call me during day but ClassDojo allows them to look to their weekly reports and see how their kids are doing.”

She further added," ClassDojo has become my way of communicating with the parents on weekly basis, before using ClassDojo, I meet with the each parent twice a year to give them an idea how their kids are doing, and with it parents can see the progress, weak and strong areas of their kids."

One of the features “Trendspotter” enables teacher to take an overview of the trends in their student’s behavior. It is a great way to see what is working or what is not working. Not just parents, but students can also access their data.  

In addition to all those features they have come up with Shared Classes on ClassDojo! You can now connect other teachers in your school to your ClassDojo classes. 

You’ll be able to:

  • Partner with your grade-level team, specialist teachers, and TAs
  • Use ClassDojo consistently across your whole grade-level or school
  • Easily keep other teachers and administrators informed and on your side

Try it now!

ClassDojo is a wonderful platform and absolutely free of cost. Looking forward to know if the review is helpful for you or not.


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