[Tips for Teachers] How to Use FlipBoard in the Classroom

[Tips for Educators] How to Use FlipBoard in the Classroom

Flipboard is a wonderful app available on both Android and iOS. It is a personal magazine that enables users to subscribe the best information from the web.

The layout of Flipboard is visually stunning and images are crystal clear and sharp. Watch out this video to understand what exactly Flipboard is.

Nowadays, educators are using Flipboard in and out of their classroom to teach students effectively. They are using this app for

  • Reading assignments
  • Students projects
  • Creating digital magazines
  • Sharing and curating relevant study material in PBL

The easy-to-use interface and easy to find diverse of content materials over the Internet makes Flipboard is a very useful tool for the teachers. Here is a list of tips for the educators on how to use Flipboard in the classroom.

Twitter Feeds

With Flipboard, educator can subscribe their own Twitter timeline. It will take your tweets and turn it into a wonderful magazine. It is amazing to see the different types of twitterstream depending on the time of day. Follow famous people from education industry and get their Tweets. More educators tweet after school hours and admins during school hours. They usually share resources helpful in teaching.

Follow Current Events

Flipboard has publishers like BBC, TechCrunch, New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair. Moreover, the sections with topics like Travel and Design, News and Tech as well as imposing news on a subject. Using Flipboard, educators can easily tap the great newspapers, blogs and magazines.

Prepare Class Syllabus

Plan for the semester in advance for your students by preparing for the syllabus accessible in the magazine. Include editorial contents and articles that are informative and useful for the students to ensure success of your class. You can even add your own notes using many blogging platforms and then flip your post in your magazine. Also motivate your students to post their opinion or comment on the articles to keep them engage.

Class Projects

Assign your students to create class-project magazine and let them collect images, videos, editorials on a particular subject or matters that are included in the lesson plan for the semester. You can ask them to do class project in group or individually.

Create Resource Guides

Using the Flipboard, you can create education resource guide for your students by compiling educational materials, relevant articles related to the course and general topics and share it with the colleagues or students.


Educating is all about collaborating.  Using Flipboard, you can request other educators to contribute in your resource library.  Collect resources, videos related to the subject included in the semester course. You can also share your complied resources to other educators.

Keep Parents Informed

Stay in touch with your classroom parents by creating a magazine with curriculum examples, class readings, suggested at home projects, images from class and classroom updates flipped in from a personal blog. Encourage your parents to subscribe to the magazine to stay up to date on everything going on in your classroom.

Your school, on the go

Flipboard is the best way for the administrators to stay in touch with the community, students and parents.  If the newsletter, school paper and event images are available on the RSS feed, via social media platform, you can search all these things on Flipboard. Educators can also use many web tools to flip the school posts into the magazine not just this you can also put other contents apart from the school post.

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
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