Amazing Project Based Learning Tips and Resources for Teaching Math

Project Based Learning Tips for Teaching Math

One of the biggest advantages of Project-Based Learning (PBL) is the development of critical-thinking, intrapersonal and interpersonal skill in the learners.

Project-based Learning is right way to assist your students to gain presentation and speaking skills. Project-based learning is implemented in teams and helps students to learn about real-life problems. It is because they get an opportunity to apply mathematic tools strategically to solve problem of real life.

Planning project-based learning for Math can be a little difficult for educators. This is because of high-yield and full packed curriculum. It is actually difficult for the educators to pick the right learning target for PBL. So, here are few tips for teachers designing PBL for teaching Math Standards.

Apply Maths to Real Life

Every teacher wants their students to examine the connection of Maths and real life as well as to explore them. Example of Math Common Core Standards could be- learners can use variables to showcase quantities in a real-life, and form simple calculations and inequalities to answer problems by reasoning about the quantities.

Pick a Standard with Easy Real-Life Applications

At times, you make lot of efforts to make a PBL project to fit to a certain math standards. Sometimes the projects are easier to align.  At this point, you should only pick those standards that you have seen in real life, and if you are not sure then ask your colleagues! Choose standards that serve the practical purpose in analyzing problems or designing a solution to the problem.

Here are more small yet helpful tips:

  • Project should be are organized by grade level and topics.
  • Projects must fit to the class schedule.
  • PBL must have coordination of other educators or subject-matter experts.
  • Planned the project perfectly before presenting in front of students.
  • Read a lot of articles and tutorials as well as watch videos related to project, reading helps you to collect ideas.

Now here is the list of some of the ideas and examples of project-based-learning for Maths.

General Math Projects

Algebra Projects

Geometry Projects

Precalculus and Calculus Projects

Find more at:

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