Why Flipping a Classroom is Effortless Using Creatist?

Why Flipping a Classroom is Effortless Using Creat!st?

Creatist is an intuitive and hassle-free Learning system for instructors. The web platform helps teachers in managing the learning cycle.

It assists educators in:

  • Content management
  • Tracking student’s activities
  • Enhancing interaction

 How to Flip a Classroom with Creatist?

Creatist website mentions that it is perhaps the only integrated tool that can help you flip a class using the pre-class, in-class and post-class features”. There are three basic aspects of flipping the class with Creatist:

  • Pre Class Design
  • Design Live Class Activities
  • Post Class Review

The video below explains it in brief.



While using Creatist, you can avail a lot of features like:

Device Independent

Creatist can be accessed from any device from laptops to tablets to mobile phones. It also helps educators in facilitating Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) to start a smart classroom.

Smart Content Management

The educator can allocate special properties to content that give limited access to selected viewer to download the content.

Engaging Activities

On Creatist, educators can go for a lot activity that engages their students. Teachers can create polls on different subjects to enable to facilities student’s response. Creat!st make your classroom a unique learning platform.


Educators can assign and un-assign study materials and course to their students.

Class History

Educators can see all back date activities of their class and can analysis student’s progress.

Erratic Connection Proof

Network failure is not be a problem with Creatist. Its mechanism can track device states.

Distraction Free

Creatist apps for Android and Windows allow the teacher to bar access to apps in the class.

Offline Action

Creatist system can generate activities for the learners such as create personal text and give comments as well as highlights important text of the content. All these activities get saved in the system locally.

Real-time Status Monitor

The instructor dashboard displays the status of every student’s activities from any device in real-time.

Why to Choose Creatist?

  • Easy to Use: Most of the users say Creatist is easy to use.
  • 'Lock' Devices: Educators can re-purpose learners from using other apps in the classroom.
  • Secure Content Delivery: Educators can channelize content access level.
  • Device Independent: Creatist can be used in any platform or device

Try Creatist today and improve classroom experience and help your student in faster learning with real-time interaction in a synchronous learning environment.

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
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