Implement SAMR Model in Your Study Time to Learn In Smart Manner

Implement SAMR Model in Your Study Time to Learn In Smart Manner

Today in the 21st century, the learning process has been updated with the invention of the advanced tools of technology. The Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition (SAMR) model is engaged in bringing technologies in the classrooms.

(SAMR) model is allowing the students to learn with advance tools of technology along with their conventional learning tools. Moreover, (SAMR) model ensures that technology is not negatively affecting the students’ academic performance instead allowing them to learn in a smarter way. If you are also looking for something that will enhance your academic performance, then you are at the right point. Have a look at the information shared below to learn in a smart manner about (SAMR) model.


Modern technology allows you to learn in the same way with the latest tools of technology, instead of using conventional learning styles that are not effective. Technological tools will teach you a great deal of information without any difficulty. With the availability of substitution level technology, you can store your new class notes directly in your smart phones, instead of writing them down in a notebook. It means you can store your class notes in your pocket and can access them anytime from anywhere. In addition, advanced technologies will help you to learn in a more enjoyable way that you have never experienced before. Adopt the tools of technology today and revolutionized the way you learn new things during.


New technologies offer the students to learn with the smart apps of new technologies. Smart apps have not changed the entire way of the conventional learning process instead updated its great features. In the present days you can install smart apps like a scientific calculator, organizer, recorder, and other apps to learn in a smarter way. If you want to learn in an effective manner, then you have to install new apps of technology on your smart phone, tablet and other devices. Furthermore, by downloading and installing new apps you can complete your homework quickly and accurately.


It allows the students to learn in a new manner with the improved tools of technology. You can perform research, writing, proofreading and other study activities with the help of advanced technologies. Rather than implementing conventional learning tools that require a copious amount of time. It carries features that can bring a complete change in your learning process as you can easily accomplish any task by yourself. Undoubtedly modification has made it possible for the students to learn in a new manner with the help of digital devices that are surrounded in the 21st century’s classroom. Believe it or not, with modern technology you would not only enhance your knowledge, but also score good results in your final exams.


Technologies that come under redefinition assist students to learn what is not possible with conventional learning styles. Today students can collect bundles of information from digital libraries in order to complete their new class projects that are not feasible for previous century students. Also you can collaborate with your class fellows and teachers to take assistance for the difficult class project from uncountable online platforms. In this way, you will get additional knowledge of each and every topic or subject. Advance tools of technology provide clear concepts to students who want to loves to get deep knowledge. This is why today our classrooms are surrounded by digital whiteboards and projectors to get additional knowledge.


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