Few Amazing Ways Teachers and Schools are Using Google Hangout

Amazing Ways Teachers and Schools are Using Google Hangout

Google Hangout is considered as one of the best tool for virtual meeting.

It offers new ways to interact with the students beyond the walls of classroom. Hangout can be used just by creating a Gmail account. Let’s find out the most amazing ways in which teachers are using Google Hangout in the school and the classroom.

Teaching in Multiple Classrooms Virtually

With Google Hangout, teachers can use their time to conduct multiple virtual classrooms. This enables educators or institutions to teach and reach more students with fewer teachers, thereby saving costs. It allows a teacher to teach to ten classrooms at a time. It is also possible to relay it in case there are more than ten receiving places.

Broadcast or Archive Live Sessions and Discussions

Even the students, teachers or staff who are sick or traveling can attend the session virtually without physically being there. So an important session, seminar or conference going on at school or any other place won't be missed, you can set a Hangout and then develop the presentation to help them to either see it live or have access to the archived sessions.

Enable Group Projects After School

If your students need support in any ongoing project then you can help them easily using Hangout without leaving the house. Using Google Doc with Hangout helps students to showcase to their teachers what they have done so far without must stress. Once students knows how to use Google hangout, they can discussion and talk with their teachers at any time.

Collaboration with other Educators

Google Hangouts are actually built to help facilitate collaboration among the educators across the globe. Using Hangout, educators can communicate with each other and share ideas as well as resources with each other; it actually enrich teaching practices. Using Google Doc with hangout helps to store and document resources for future use.

Group Grading With Hangout

It is very much useful to hold group grading session if you are trying to do fair grading as well as wish to ensure every teacher in the team are sticking to a rubric. This way educator can ask questions, get and give feedback as well as make comment.

Inviting Guest to Speak

With the help of Google Hangout educators can invite guest teachers, experts, writers as well as renowned teachers across the globe in a very short time. Google hangout is a best way to enrich a lesson using projector. Speaker do not have to travel long to talk and share ideas with the students across the globe.

Expanding Professional Network

Teachers do not just be benefited in the classroom through Google Hangout but they can also use this to build their network.  They can use it to get in touch with other educators and get and receive their ideas, share lesson plans or get help in any topic or subjects. Hangout makes meeting more productive and offer a chance to grow network for professional as well as personal learning.

Take Benefits of the Whiteboard Capabilities

You can bring whiteboards into the digital world by using hangouts. It provides teacher a chance to share a whiteboard with other participants. Sharing whiteboard capabilities with others is a great way to explain and exhibit ways on how to solve problems.

Connecting with Alumni

Hangout sessions for Alumni are a great way to keep former students connected with the school and each other. Many schools are using it for virtual reunions and it is fun.

To be part of other Educational Hangouts

Teachers and educational leaders across the globe are using Hangouts to set up sessions and discussion related to education an educational technology, and most of them are open for other educators to join in. You can search for them based on your needs.

Lesson Planning with Hangout

Many educators use Hangout for their lesson planning, because it allows for simple, effective collaboration with the power of other Google Apps.

Team meetings

Teachers spend enough time at school but with Hangouts, teachers can conduct team meetings even while they are away from the classroom.

Google Hangout can be used in many others ways. These are just few ways though which you can use Hangout. More you use Google Hangout, more you discover the new ways of using it in the classroom. 

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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