How Technology can Enhance Classroom Teaching

Those days are gone when classroom teaching only meant blackboards, chalks, diagrams, maps and so on. But now the modern classroom is very much different than this. Now classroom is adapting itself with modern digital technology.

Ages back it was anticipated by Thomas Edison that “Books will soon be obsolete in public schools... our school system will be completely changed inside of ten years.” Though it had taken longer. But without a doubt we can say that the educational system is changing itself with the advent of modern technology.

Though it had a downside too. According to the research of McCormick, at least 40% to 60% high school student had disengaged themselves from educational activities. It became a subject of serious concern for educators as well as parents. But again the educators are taking resort to the modern technology to enhance the interest of the students and to engage them in educational activities. They are incorporating the technology of mobile devices and SMART classroom designs to engage the tech savvy generation of today.

There are this few techniques if they incorporate in their teaching process then it will support their venture:

The Audio- Visual Media: Visual representation is always more appealing to us, specially with kids. If the boring black and white typography can be replaced or better complemented with the moving colorful objects and audio to make a learner listen, he will remember it better than just merely reading the text. Modern educators are using this audio-visual media instead of just text book learning. And the result? Well, as expected. Students are learning faster. In addition, YouTube, the streaming media platform is providing a specialized channel designed for education where one can find the learning materials as well.

Use of Mobile Devices: Now in many schools, students are provided with mobile devices like laptops, tabs, iPads which enhance the experience of education. Students can access net, read online materials and ebooks and that helps the student in faster learning process. Students can access Educreation through iPad which provides video lessons as well as a public directory of lessons to browse through.

Online Conversation with Experts from Outside: A great way to boost the learning experience is to engage the students in conversation about their subject. And this conversation does not only mean with the fellow students or the educators. Through online virtual platform and video chats students can converse with the experts of the field, no matter in which part of the world they are. As all educator will agree that the interactive education helps a student more than the lectures. And if students get the opportunity to take part in active interaction with the experts that will be extremely beneficial for them.

SMART Classroom Technology: SMART classroom technology means the collaboration of SMART board and the other devices and workstations that will help to boost the classroom activities. Students will be able to work individually as well as by forming separate groups. The technology not only will contribute to the advancement of the learning process but to engage students in group activities and educational activities aw well.

Classroom Management: While investing on the modern technology to enhance learning experience, the authority of the institution should also take a note of the classroom management. When SMART classroom and mobile devices are used in the classroom, the authority needs to make sure the proper software of effective classroom management is at place. It will guarantee that the devices and technology are being used to enhance the learning in the classroom.

Technology Empowers the Teacher in Actuality: Before shunning the use of technology, teachers needs to realize that the technology actually does empower them. The vast platform of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler enable teachers to have better interaction with students, both online and offline format. Educator can use the mobile apps to grade, evaluate the performance of the students. It can also provide the database tom plan the lesson for the session.

Passive education can't help anyone, it is already proven. And in the digital era that we are living in, the younger generation is becoming more and more tech savvy. For their betterment we can always fuse learning with technology. It will not only help the students but will be beneficial for teachers as well.


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