What are the Traits of an Effective School Leader?

School improvement depends heavily on the excellence of leadership; therefore, leadership is crucial for school’s success and failure too.

In any educational setting, a leader must have multifaceted personality, as they have to deal with different people such as teachers, administrators, parents, students, support staffs and many others.

So, what makes a school manager an effective school leader. This question cannot be answered with one characteristic. Effective school leadership is a mix of characteristics and qualities that an individual possesses that result into an efficient leadership. Here we have listed some of the traits that we think of an effective school leader should have.

Lead by Setting Example

A true leader always understands this fact that he is being watched by others what they are doing and how do they responds to certain situation. A leader always leads by example; he remains calm in a panic situation, arrives early and stays late, they assist their staffs wherever they require support. They carry themselves with dignity and professionalism. They always make a well-informed decision that benefits both school and school members.

Great Communicator

A great school leader must have great communication skills; he must be able to communicate about his school perfectly. He must have exceptional quality of communication so that he can easily talk to teachers and students and understands their perspective and make understand his own perspective.

Shared Vision

A leader has shared vision for improvement. They always look for people who can share great vision with them. They continuously look for the new and innovative ways of improving things in their school. They are truly passionate and dedicate in everything they do.  A true leader is never afraid to rule back their vision whenever required. They aggressively look for input from other staff always. Effective leaders have short, long term as well as immediate vision to make his organization successful.

Exceptional Listener

True leaders are exceptional good listeners and they follow an open door policy. They always encourage people to speak and discuss things. They listen others suggestions and advice with whole heart meanwhile make them feel important. They always take decision after listening other’s views and believe in working in coalition and keep informed everyone about any decision. A true leader knows that people around have great ideas. They always ask feedback from others and when someone gives them valuable idea, true leaders do give credit them.

Admit Mistakes

A true leader always admits his mistake and strives for perfection. They know that they are human and are going to make mistake at some point of time. They also own responsibility of their mistake and try to work on them.


Effective leaders are not selfish; they put other’s interest first before themselves. They most of the time take decision that not necessarily personally benefit them but to the majority. He does not hesitate in sacrificing his personal time to help other when needed. They do not worry about their own interest as long as it is advantaging their school or community. 


About the Author
Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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