5 Ways For Teachers To Use Tumblr In Their Classroom

5 Ways For Teachers To Use Tumblr In Their Classroom

Tumblr is one of the newer social media apps that allow free sharing of digital media over the web. It is a social channel that has not been left isolated by the educators, as more and more teachers turn to utilizing methods of using this app in their classrooms.

If you are a teacher and want to take advantage of this app, here are a few ways in which you can use Tumblr to bring a whole new life to your classroom:

Use Tumblr As A Website

Would it not be cool if you could easily direct your students to a single web page, where you stored all the notes, pdfs, diagrams, charts and graphs that your students could benefit from? No more hassle of printing out copies or mass-mailing every single student or even handing out soft copies to all your class. All you would need to do would be to give your students an address where they could avail everything and Tumblr can be used to do just that. This is not going to be easy just for the kids but also for the teachers.

Use Tumblr Page For A Class Debate

You might come up with one question or another in the middle of the night to ask your students the next day. You would either run to jot it down on the paper or entirely forget about it, but you no longer have to deal with that mess either. If you think of a question, you can easily input it on the Tumblr and instigate your students to answer. You never know that one or two of your students would be online and ready to not only instantly answer your question with their opinion but also get engaged in a healthy debate that you could carry on forward the other day.

Share Content On Tumblr

We are already clear about how Tumblr can be easily used to share notes and diagrams. But you can also share so much more with this network. If you are a music teacher, ask your students to share away the music that they like. Moreover, you can also share different resources and tidbits related to your subject that you find on the internet.

Teach Your Students About The Horrors Of The Internet

Internet has its disadvantages as well, especially for the little kids. You can play your part as a teacher by sharing different valuable information with your students that could protect them from cyber-bullying, fraud, fake reports and unreliable sources. By educating your students on the horrors of the internet, you will be doing yourself, your students and their parents as well as your community some good. It is your responsibility as a teacher to look after your students as much as you possibly can.

Get Your Students Involved In A Different Kind Of Competition

Review papers, handwritten assignments- we have seen them all. Take the creativity of your students to a whole new level by starting competitions and contests that could help them be more engaged with your subject. If you are a literature teacher, stop giving them those boring old topics for creative writing. Try something new by sharing a piece of art for example on your Tumblr and then ask your students to create a story that they believe could have inspired the artist to draw that masterpiece, etc.

When it comes to Tumblr and the independence of sharing digital media, you have no limitations. Coming up with new ways to utilize Tumblr for the advantage of your students will also test your creativity skills. If you are up for the challenge, use these tips and get started on Tumbling today.


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