Why Every Teacher Values Blended Learning Models?

Why Every Teacher Value Blended Learning Models?

In the 21st century, more and more introduction of technological tools has renovated the way teachers deliver instructions to students. Blended learning is an invention of technology that has integrated one-on-one teaching methods with computer based teaching.

Online integration has strengthened the way teachers deliver instruction in their class activities. It enables teachers to provide better knowledge to students through online resources for boosting their performance. If you are a teacher and want to teach students in a proactive manner, then you should integrate this approach with your traditional way of teaching. Read the information shared below to understand how blended teaching and different blended learning models can facilitate your class activities.

The Station Rotation Model

The station rotation model enables the teachers to educate students through different activities in different time. Different stations provide students an opportunity to visit multiple stations at a teacher’s specified time for a particular subject. For instance, in science period, students can form a small group with their class teachers to conduct experiments by using technological tools. In this way, teachers can teach students with better resources to provide them a clear understanding of class projects. Thus, you should also teach students by forming various stations to enhance their knowledge and skills with innovative technology tools in a traditional classroom.

Flipped Classroom Model

Flipped classroom or flipped teaching is a blended teaching approach. In this form of teaching teachers facilitate students with online resources for better learning. Flipped classroom allows students to learn new lesson by watching online lectures. Additionally, it facilitates the students to learn front home rather than spending hours in a traditional classroom lecture. Now with flip teaching you can educate students in a face-to-face manner. It will provide you an opportunity to track the performance of the student and provide him with clear instruction to overcome issues. Therefore, as a teacher, you should implement this blended teaching method in class activities to instruct students in a personalized way.

Lab Rotation Model

This teaching method is widely used in every educational organization that enables the students to learn in an innovate lab. The Lab Rotation Model allows the students to change the atmosphere by moving to other places for performing different class activities. In order to utilize a lab rotation model approach it is vital for educators to provide separate technology integrated room to students for online or offline learning. So, if your institution also consists of a computer lab, then you should avail lab rotation model opportunity by moving the students in the computer lab for innovative learning.

Individual Rotation Model

This model boosts the knowledge of teachers and students by providing online learning resources. Yes, it permits the students to perform office and online activities at different times in a flexible manner. Students can learn in different learning model with the goal of enhancing their academic performance. In addition, you can teach students face-to-face in a flexible manner for different class activities. By doing this, you can support students in an innovative way for their better learning and understanding in every class activity.

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