Ways You Can Use Voxer in Your Schools

Ways You Can Use Voxer in Your Schools

Voxer is a push-to-talk app which is unique in its own way. It has many amazing features like live voice record, send and receive text and picture messages and much more. Voxer can be used on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Voxer in Education

Voxer is a wonderful app and today a number of educators are using it. They are using it in order to get connected with other teachers, to share their work, challenges and victories.  A Voxer user who is an educator wrote, “With a variety of backgrounds in education and technology, all of us seemed to work in positions where there's a tendency to feel "alone". Voxer offered us the chance to belong to a virtual "department" of sorts. We began sharing our struggles and successes via Voxer.”

He further penned, “We loved Voxer so much because we could hear each other. We heard passion, excitement, disappointment, frustration, a variety of feelings that are hard to translate through written word. Immediately, the dynamics of how we communicated and what we communicated evolved.”

Most of the educators believe that Voxer is an amazingly useful tool as it makes a collaborative space for educators to share and getting ideas, etc. Voxer is a world famous app that also enables teachers to create personalised podcast and robust PLN.  With so many features available into it, Voxer can be best used in schools for:

Collaboration: The ability to share and get ideas of other teachers across the globe has been incredible. Usually they share their philosophies via social networking website and emails etc. But collaborating in the real time is just amazing.

Staff connection: School admin can use this app like walkie-talkie with their staff and teachers. However, it may not be used in emergency situations, not everyone have it all the time; may be because they do not have the right phone. Although, everyone can stay connected using this app.

District connection: Voxer definitely helps in establishing district connectivity with your fellow. When you are not into school or office you can even stay connected with your colleagues’ using Voxer.

Angela Watson- an educational consultant from Brooklyn, NY writes, “We’re going to read a chapter of a book a week, and whenever we read something that speaks to us, we can just get on Voxer and start reflecting aloud! Then, we we have free time, we can play each other’s messages and respond. I think the discussion will be much better than an online book club where we have to type everything out, check our spelling, re-read to see if it makes sense, and so on. I know for sure I will share more because it’s going to be easier andquicker.”

How to Get Started with Voxer?

  • You can create account using your phone; it’s free. But its pro and business version come with price tag.
  • Uploading photo is important since you cannot pick username, therefore, with photo your friends can easily recognise you.
  • After creating an account, Voxer automatically display your contacts using already using Voxer. You can instantly start Voxing with them; create group chat with many friends also invite other people to join.
  • This app is simple and you can easily explore all the settings and learn about the app quickly.


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