dos-and-donts-flipped-classroomToday with almost uncountable institutions taking an effort to deliver their students with world class education, they bring a change with the help of technology. Not all institutions are fortunate enough to have best quality of tutors and students to interact effectively. This makes way for our edtech insight on “flipped classroom”. There are certain remedies to swing with it though, the do’s and don’ts of flipping the classroom. And that leads a few tips for teacher regarding their scheduling act in flipping classes.

Concept behind Flipped Classes:
The classical environment of education systems allows particularly same routine of learning process. The students are assigned with a part of text book, to read and to discuss about it the other day. Flipped class allows educator to prepare his own material and distribute to everyone through the internet so that the lecture time of the class is flipped to discussion and homework time i.e. just the opposite of the traditional teaching way. It consists of digital material like videos and e-books. Also with the introduction of webinars, the gap descents between actual class and virtual class.

Now we could hook up for do’s and don’ts of flipped classes.


Tutorial Material:
The most crucial part of do’s in flipped class is the preparation of material for students that is directly related to their concepts in practice. Although there are numerous number of tutorial available on Internet which can be downloaded by students, but they cannot match the quality of material prepared by their own tutor. So it is strongly recommended for educator to prepare self intimated tutorials.

Students would be happy to see their progress through their own evaluation. Edmodo can be used in such a case to set assignment and note responses. It is useful for both tutor and students.

Time Matters:
Since an assignment is given to the students, now it’s time to set the deadlines. The flipped classes are technology based, so the method of submission differs with the evaluation. However in any condition, the time is what actually matters. So a clean approach to tutor assignment is expected.

There are possibilities that few students may not have access to internet and so they are connectionless to the online events of flip classroom. The instructor has to keep this on mind and design the alternative way for these kinds of student to provide materials via some other sources.

Parents’ Responsibility:
The results after evaluation are conveyed to students as well as their parents. But in flipped classroom, parents play vital role because they are with them off campus and would need to take responsibility for result analysis. In a time where our profession is questioned daily a reliance on home support is crucial to your success.


For sake of teacher:
Now we dig into the mind of an educator. That is the students should perform this classroom activity not just for sake of teacher. Because the teacher wants them to study, they should study, is not necessary. It’s the progressive interest that matters. As long as the students enjoy this process, they should enroll over it.

Providing all the lessons over at home and expecting students to deliver the complete concepts clearly at class and assuming that “everything is fine”, destroys education. Increase in pressure on students, by providing larger tasks would lead to stress and depression, which indeed causes disinterest from flipping classroom. Every now and then, the teacher has to take care of student’s doubts and queries during the classes to make them feel the power of flipped classroom.

Evaluation Technique:
Since we know flipped classroom environment is entirely different from actual classroom, the evaluation of student’s improvement differs. Usually student’s performance is traced through their grades, but over flipped classroom, it won’t be possible. The improvement could be traced by their activity over flipped classroom.

Teacher’s Format:
Expect your teacher observation templates to fit with the ‘flipped’ lesson format. Ensure any observer is sent the content delivery method before they enter the classroom. There is no doubt that teacher input decreases for some classroom time and this can be unnerving when being evaluated.

The teacher materials are masterpieces for students, as they rely completely on them. So the masterpieces are regularly revised and updated on basis of student’s requirement. With help of all late available tools, it is possible to improvise on the material for many years in future.

Education sector for so many years have taken various improvements and lend to progress through the next generation equipment. But after all, at the end of day, all it matters is satisfaction, be it teaching or learning.

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