The Power of Multimedia in EFL Classrooms

In EFL classes it is always useful associating words, ideas and concepts with images.

Through their visual memory students can better understand and remember information. Thanks to images you can explain complex information in a simple way. Images help learners manage their ideas and make connections between pieces of information. Moreover, images enhance students' creativity as well as their language skills.

I have tried some interesting digital tools that can be very useful to create graphics or mindmaps.

I tried some free tools and I prepared some short and simple examples. This way it's possible to see directly the final result and it's easier for you to see what is possible to do with each tool.


Graphics, infographics and posters are visual representations of  concepts, thoughts and ideas. They help students better remember information, improve their reading comprehension, enhance their learning skills and critical thinking. The following tools allow to create interactive infographics.


My example:


My example:


Mind Mapping helps students focusing their attention, enables teachers to organize ideas and concepts, allows to present information in visually attracting and comprehensive way, promotes inquiry and problem solving, enhance learners' note taking. Moreover its organizational structure help students understand effectively. Also the following tools allow to make your maps interactive!


My example:


My example:


My example:


My example:


Comics can really motivate students. With the links below you can create your own comics!


My example:

Make Beliefs Comics

My example

Make Beliefs Comics

My example:


Audiovisual material can be very helpful for both teaching and learning. Also videos, as images, can effectively communicate complex information to the learners. You can use videos with your students in three fases (pre-viewing, viewing and post-viewing) or you can also create your own videos with your learners. It can be a really rewarding experience and can enhance students' creativity.

The following tool allows you to choose a video from the web (or use your own) and embed anything you like in it (questions, lesson information, links to websites). 


My example:


You can make your own animated cartoon with:


My example:


Presentations can make the students better understand a topic through its essential points. Besides using PowerPoint, you can create more fun and engaging presentations.


My example:

Haiku Deck

My example:

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