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For an educator it is crucial to know about their subjects, but an effective learning and teaching can never take place in a poorly managed environment. If students are ill-mannered and disorderly, and there is no obvious rule and processes that guide student’s behaviour then chaos becomes the custom.

In such environment, both teacher and students struggle to teach and learn respectively. Therefore, classroom management is necessary, so that teaching and learning both flourish.

So what are the most effective ways to manage a classroom where as an educator, you have to deal with so many different personalities from so many different backgrounds. Take a look at these tips; it might be helpful for you.

Establish Relationship and Love Your Students

Teacher-student relationship starts with the moment they meet. No matter how uncontrolled or difficult a student is teacher have to clinch the challenge to know him. Some teachers naturally form relationship with their students and some put little extra effort to build relationship with their students. Teachers can build healthy relationship with their students by enjoying their presence, listening to them and responding them appropriately. More importantly, they don’t play favourites and stay fair in every situation and with every student. All these things contribute a lot in building healthy relationship with students.

Love your students, when you love them unconditionally, you remind them that they are worthy. When you made them feel happy and content in your presence, they will definitely listen and obey your every single word.

Brainwave Classroom Objectives Together

The idea behind this is to make feel student responsible. Let students think and write about their goals meanwhile you also write your own. Ask them what they want from the class to full-fill their goals. Put all the ideas together and see the similarity in your and their objectives. Hence, you will end-up with many ideas.

Praise Your Students Whenever You Can

Whenever your student meets your expectation do not forget to appreciate them. It helps students to understand what exactly their teachers expect from them. Such approach also enables teachers to reaffirm and strengthen their expectations from their students. They can easily meet your expectation when they know their true efforts would be appreciated.

Introduce Yourself amid Students

A classroom environment where students have deep faith in their teachers is a great learning environment. You can build trust among students by introducing yourself among students, tell them who you are and why you are here, why you have chosen this profession. Your positive note definitely builds trust for you among your students. The more know about your intention, the more they have trust in you.

Always Assume Best in Your Students

If the student doesn’t meet any of your classroom expectation, then they required to know that even though they will be loved by you but not their misbehaviour. They require to know that their teacher love them and care for them but won’t not going to accept their poor choice, because their poor choice will always hurt them and not benefit them in their future.

These are few basic tips, there are more that you can grab to manage your classroom.

  • Stay consistence in classroom and do what you say.
  • Pay attention to your students each and every word.
  • Make up-to-date decision while dealing with student’s behaviour.
  • Your classroom management strategies should reflect who you are.
  • Make adjustments and stay flexible in every circumstance.
  • Never accuse students always find a better way to communicate with them.
  • Avoid judgmental, accusatory and sarcastic statements.
  • Never forget the relevance of timely facial expression.
  • Remind students about your expectation and rules of the classroom.
  • Be genuine and always stay natural and normal voice.
  • Don’t yell and lose temper over your student.

Now it’s your turn to share your experience and challenges that you have faced and what strategies worked well for you in your classroom.

Classroom Management Using Technology

Technology is a blessing when it comes to manage the classroom. It not just saves time but also make assist teachers in making lesson interesting and engaging. Classroom management apps give a way to educators to keep their students engaged meanwhile keep classroom under control.

Class Dojo

ClassDojo is an amazing tool for the educators that enable them to enhance classroom behaviour. With this app, teachers can reward points to their students for good behaviour. It engages students and motives them to behave well in the classroom. With ClassDojo, educators can track student’s behaviour and produce analytical report and can share it with administrators and parents.


Edmodo, the Facebook-styled platform, enables educators to last classroom discussion even after the classroom. With Edmodo, teachers can analysis student understands about the lesson and make learning exciting for them. Teachers can also link students to the amazing tools and resources that help them to understand perfectly classroom materials as well as enhance learning.


Socrative is among the great tool to keep students busy in and out of the classroom by sending quizzes and many other educational exercises that can be utilised to know student understanding. This platform also informs educators on what needs to work and focus.


CollaborizeClassroom is an amazing tool that supports teachers in flipping classrooms successfully. This platform also enables teachers to  accommodate various learning styles by combining visual and audio into their lessons.

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