Amazing Ways Interactive White Boards are Being Used in the Classroom

Amazing Ways Interactive White Boards are Being Used in the Classroom

Using interactive whiteboards is amazing way to engage and keep your students engaged in learning. A lot of teachers spend hours to create activities to pull student’s interest. This article offers a number of amazing ways interactive white boards are being used in the classroom.

Install Google Earth

Google Earth is among the most useful apps and very much helpful during geography lessons. Explore world and talk about the culture, design, languages, civilizations and much more.

Teach Basic Image, Video and Sound Editing

With a number of software available teaching basic image, video and sound editing is not a very difficult task. Educators can demonstrate students how to edit the tone sound and add special effects in the video, and then ask students to work.

Spelling Competition

Well! Some students like it and some argue against it in the classroom. An educator can arrange spelling competition for students with their works and automatically check it using spellchecker software.

Go for Virtual Tour

A lot of important places and cultural heritage provides online academic value virtual tours. Few of them are interactive, that will keep the kid engaged and interested. Even after the real visit of the place, virtual tours are always good idea for overview of the trip.

Record Students

Many of the whiteboards are available for sound system and camera. Such features can be used to record student’s speech, projects and presentation. Such whiteboards can be used to provide positive critique. Years back organised lessons can be play with sentimental and fun mode. However, privacy should be major concerned.

Flash Videos and application

With lot of flash videos and application, you can make interesting lessons.


Collaboration is also a best way to engage students with the interactive whiteboard. Put students in projects together, with diverse aspects done by various students in the classroom. It will not just engage the group, also provide good results.

Recap of a Trip

Teachers and students can bring their videos and photos taken during their trip.  Organise all the pictures and videos in a funny and interactive way. It will become a great learning experience when students flashback their trip experience.

Interactive whiteboards possess huge potential as a great tool to improve academic practices in the class. It eventually advances learners achievement. Though, merely thinking that utilising technological tool can automatically improve learner’s achievement will be a mistake. As a powerful tool, educators must utilise interactive whiteboards considerately, in accord with what refers to as great classroom practice.

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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