Best Tips and Resources for Elementary Math Teachers

Best Tips and Resources for Elementary Math Teachers

For a lot of students Maths is a huge burden, resulting into hidden anxiety and fear. Students who find difficulty in solving problems feel frustrated and reluctant towards the subject.

In such situation, it is a challenging job for educators to motivate students towards Maths. Effective and quality teaching focus on developing interest of less interested students. Here are some of the best tips and resources for elementary Math teachers. 

Stay Positive

Sometimes both parents and teachers are anxious about Mathematics. It happens because either they were not good students of Maths or unaware how to teach Maths properly. Even elementary class students can sense these emotions that their parents and teachers are not comfortable with the Maths. Therefore, it is important to stay positive or keep positive attitude while teaching Maths.

Teach Maths in a Fun Way

You have heard a number of renowned educators advocating the importance of gamification in education. Gamification makes subject interesting and funny and kids easily grasp things. Teachers can combine worksheet with games to make it interesting and funny. There are a number of Maths apps for elementary classroom that will make learning easy and full of fun. Playing games with flash cards that uses various skills is one of the best examples of developing skills with fun.

Ensure that Children Understand the given Assignment

For any homework or assignment, if you are seeing that any of your students is struggling, then take a step-up and help them to understand the assignment. Guide them and assist them in completing their assignment. You can easily gauge from their responses that if they fully understood or need more guidance and explanation. Also instruct parents to see and guide kids when if they have understood and doing the assignment perfectly.

Healthy Parent-Teacher Communication

Teaching good Maths doesn't solely depend on the teachers, parent’s involvement is also necessary. Teacher can only guide kids in the school but at the home parents also need to look at the kids. By having transparent communication about the assignments and frequency of homework, both teachers and parents can identify problem solve it.

Explore Maths in Daily Life

When children realize that Maths is all around them then they start relaxing and taking maths easily. When they find meaning of Maths in their everyday life they will be motivated towards it.

Resources for Elementary Math Teachers

With the rapid growth in technology teachers do not need to worry about the resources. Here are some of the most common resources.

Motion Maths

Age: three to eleven years

Platforms: iPad and iPhone

Motion Math Zoom

Age: six to twelve

Platforms: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Deep Sea Duel

Age: Five to Twenty Two+

Platform: iPad, iPhone, web, web with flash, android phone

4th Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets

Age: Nine to Ten

Platforms: iPad

5th Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets

Age: Ten to Eleven

Platform: iPad

Math Bingo

Age: Five to Twelve

Platform: iPhone, iPad

Mystery Math Town

Age: Six to Twelve

Platform: iPad

Math vs Zombies

Age: Nine to Twelve

Platform: iPhone and iPad

Grid Drawing for Kids

Age: Five to Eight

Platform: iPhone and iPad

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