Great Tools That Are Changing Writing, Teaching and Learning

Get the sneak peak of the book Reinventing Writing by Vicki Davis in this Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar. In this webinar, Vicki Davis talked about how to pick right tool for teaching and much more.

1- E paper and e books

  • Do students know how to find and download books?
  • Do students know how to open epapers?
  • Can students print to e paper?
  • Do students know how to annotate?
  • Can students extract their notes and put in their notebooks tool?

Five most popular e book readers

10 places to find download and read free or inexpensive ebooks             

6 easy ways to publish ebooks

2--Digital Notebook

  • Do students know how to take notes?
  • Are they transliterate in multiple media?
  • Do they know how to organise and retrieve?
  • Do they know how to capture?
  • Do they know how to share?

Popular notebook service

Recommendation for reinventing writing through notebook

  • Select an official notebook service for your school
  • Connect students and teachers
  • Share notes
  • Learn to capture, annotate and find
  • See if students can find notes at a later stage

3- Computational thinking and productive note

Teach students to connect services and automate things

Social Bookmarking

Recommendation for Reinventing Writing Notecards

  • Set up a bookmarking group for each class
  • Set up a ‘tag dictionary’ for common topic for the term
  • Install the Diigo plug in to add more features to websites

4- Cloud syncing

Popular cloud services

Dropbox, Google Drive, one drive

  • Do you know how to save to the cloud?
  • Do you know how to get files?
  • Do you know how to move files?

Dropbox: did you know

  • You can connect to your students  and share files
  • Dropbox is a great way to share videos
  • You can create your folder people can upload using
  • Sortmybox will help you organise and move your dropbox materials
  • Jotform sends forms straight to Dropbox
  • Automate Dropbox with IFTTT
  • You can create a website from a dropbox folder using site44      

Google Drive: Did you know

  • You can install Google drive like dropbox folder
  • You can set up shared class folders
  • Google drive can link with other services like we video

On Drive: Do you know?

  • Integrated with office and windows 8 (no need to install)
  • If you don’t buy the service, only 3 students can sign-up per day
  • Free versions of word/excel/powerpoint/ available online with your files if you use it.

Recommendation for Reinventing Writing

  • Set up collaborative writing tools
  • Make sure teachers know how to give text voice feedback
  • Empower peer feedback
  • Train and connect everyone
  • Teach students and teachers to covert files of all types
  • Teach students how to convert and use many types of cloud tools.

5 - Cloud Writing Apps

Do students know?

  • How to collaborate and write together?
  • How to comment?
  • How to export, import and upload?
  • How to open on multiple platforms?
  • How to share?

Recommendation for Reinventing Writing

  • Set up collaborative writing tools
  • Make sure teachers know how to give text and voice feedback
  • Empower peer feedback
  • Train and connect everyone
  • Teach students and teachers to convert files of all types

6- Blogging and micro blogging (Twitter)

Do students know how to:

  • Write 1st person blogs?
  • Link contextually?
  • Cite sources?
  • Select graphics?
  • Are they transliterate?

Your blogging cycle should include interacting with posts and comments on other people’s  blogs.

Micro Blogging

  • Can students write short updates?
  • Do they know how to find conversations?
  • Do they know how to cite sources?
  • Do they know how to give credits?
  •  Do they know how to build their PLN?

Recommendation for Reinventing Writing

  • Set up a blogging platform for your students.
  • Encourage every feedback and connection
  •  Find a Quadblogging Group for every classroom in your school
  • Use microblogging to communicate and connect with the world
  • Give your classroom a public platform to share and connect

Favourite tool is Wiki

Do students know?

  • Write wikis 
  • Solve wiki wars
  • Cite sources
  • Embed
  • Use Discussion tab

Popular Wiki Website

Popular Group Website Creators

Did You Know?

  • You can use tags to organise.
  • You can set up private projects on wikispace even if your overall wiki in public.
  • You can have a free ad-free site if you are a K12 educator.
  • You can comment in-link like Google Drive.
  • You can use wikispaces classroom to monitor engagement live.

Recommendation for Reinventing Writing

  • Create a collaborative wiki community.
  • Write common information together with others with a different worldview.
  • Create a platform for student efolios.

7----Graphic organizers and mind mapping

Do Students Know How to?

  • Use mindmaps (Mindmeister)
  • Embed graphic organizers
  • Use tools appropriate to the task.
  • Principals of brainstorming

Reinventing Writing Recommendation

  • Teach prewriting tools and skills
  • Teach collaborative prewriting methods
  • Don’t forget prewriting
  • Embed prewriting documents in the final document
  • Include asynchronous partners in your communication.

8--Cartoons and Infographics

Essential Graphics

Did You Know

  • Captions under images are read 300 percent more than bad copy
  • Headlines placed below an image are ready by 10 percent  more people than headlines above
  • Never break the left margin
  • Images should either have: story appeal or demonstrate something


  • Teach students how to create and select images.
  • Encourage the use of infographics to tell stories.
  • Help students visually organise their efolios.
  • Follow and teach guidelines to promote readability.

9 - The Collaborative Writing Cloud

  • Wikis
  • Cloud syncing
  • Blogs
  • Cartooning
  • E paper
  • Social bookmarking
  • Collaborative notebooks
  • Collaborative writing apps
  • Grpahic organiser

9 Key P for safety success

  • Passwords
  • Privacy
  • Personal information
  • Photographs
  • Property
  • Permission
  • Protection
  • Professionalism
  • Personal Brand 

Watch the full webinar here.

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