How Nepris Brings Industry Professionals into the Classroom to Inspire Students in STEAM

How Nepris Brings Industry Professionals into the Classroom to Inspire Students in STEAM

Inviting guest lecturers for a classroom is still a challenge due to lack of time and tools. But in present scenario, teachers must not deprive their students from guest lectures, as it gives practical exposure to students.

Nepris is a platform that empowers teachers to engage students in STEAM by bringing industry experts and professionals in the classroom as guest lecturers.

  • Educators can make a request based on a curriculum activity or subject that can get advantage from industry connection.
  • Nepris matches the educator’s request with skills of industry experts and facilities the process of connecting them.
  • Industry experts virtually join the classroom for effective discussion with the students and assist them in their projects.

How Stuff Works at Nepris

  • Sign Up in just 30 seconds: Educators will be able to create request only when they are sign-up with Nepris. Not just this, they can also view activities of other educators.
  • Dashboard Navigation: Educators can access all their activities at dashboard. It offers quick status and summary of the request from industry experts and others. Through dashboard, you can easily access various components at Nepris.
  • Browse Session: Session request is an online form that enables educators to request industry expert to participate virtually in the classroom. Teachers can search for different topics submitted by other teachers.
  • Make and Edit Session Request: Teachers can create session request within few minutes. Educators can make as many request they can and schedule them.
  • Edit and Copy a Session Request: With Nepris community, educators can take advantage from others educator’s request as well. If you want to create session request, then you do not have to work from scratch, you can simply copy from the existing topic and customize it according to your needs.
  • Submit Request on your convenient time: Educators can schedule the submission of the request.
  • Share Ideas: Educators can also share their session request with other educators in the Nepris community to get benefited from their ideas.

Technology to Support STEAM

Create and Manage Your STEM Community: With Nepris, educators can increase access of their students to STEM resources by facilitating collaboration between non-profits, community colleges, community partners, school districts, community colleges. Nepris is an easy platform that enables engagement of all STEM stakeholders.

Facilitate Collaboration and Communication: Nepris facilitate collaboration and communication via a custom-made web-based dais to meet the requirements of every stakeholder.

Track and Analysis Outcomes: With this platform, you can easily track and monitor the contribution of your partner and measure its long term impact. In just one click, you can easily get detailed report to get the better insight of the virtual interaction, programs and any shared resources on STEM.

So, if you are an educator and organizing virtual guest lecture is a problem for you then sign-up with Nepris to inspire students in STEAM and bring the real world to the classroom.

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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