How Schools are Using Apps to Engage Students, Parents and the Community

How schools are using apps to engage students, parents and the community?

When the whole world is practically taken over by mobile apps schools and education system just cannot shy away from this reality. Actually apps should be taken as the new opportune frontier for offering smart education to the children and students of 21st century.

Most children today are familiar with the mobile apps even from their pre-school days. Naturally they have a natural inclination to get engaged with mobile apps. Moreover mobile apps offer the most innovative ways to make learners engage and study. In every year increasing number of schools are coming with new mobile apps. Whether offering learning modules for students or connecting faculty or guardians – mobile apps can effectively add immense value to our educational system.

Engaging teachers, students and parents

Mobile apps more than gaming, shopping and video watching experience offer an array of meaningful ways to engage teachers, students and parents. An app can provide ready in hand news and event updates concerning schools. It can further inform guardians regarding courses, timings, class schedules, school policies, etc. From offering school location in a digital map to suggesting lunch menus to facilitating queries and replies among the students, an app can creatively take the education beyond stereotype boundaries. Apps can also provide a nice avenue to get information on results and individual student information. From tracking attendance record of your son to seeing teacher’s comments and suggestions to getting scoreboard, you can always remain updated on your son’s education thanks to a mobile app. Many distant learning programs are increasingly viewing mobile app as the best bet for offering real time online education at an affordable price.

Availability of information

You may not always feel to spend extra minutes to open the school website and browse it for finding required information. Many people simply forget to load the site address just as soon as they come across the school’s web address. But if you have a mobile app of the school to offer all your students, guardians and faculties, it would fetch far better user volume as all would be able to access the information just with a single finger tap. Moreover, all students may not have a computer at home with internet connection but if they have a smart handheld device to access (which is increasingly becoming commonplace) they can access the school information from anywhere through the mobile app of the school.

Increasing scope of communication

Normally most guardians feel to go to their child’s school to have a check on their child’s improvement but in most of the times they discover themselves reeling under professional pressure or work stress and naturally they forget about their child. Now thanks to these mobile apps they can be constantly in touch with whatever is going on in the school of their children. Similarly, students will be more engaged as they would find more information sources inside the app. Teachers can come to know student queries and answer them in their suitable time just through the school’s mobile app.

More involvement with various communities

Education is no longer just an island for the participants as it was few decades ago. Today students are proactive from their school days to share any interesting content to their social media friends.

Whether for contacting the school board members or for raising funds for a new initiative or for updating some vital event information on social pages – a mobile app of the school can offer you great array of community building scopes.

Today or tomorrow these benefits must be sounding relevant enough to your ears if you are a school administrator or teacher. For making education more engaging, creative, faster and smarter mobile app is a great mean that no stakeholders in the education system can disagree with. Some widely used web tools used by students and teachers alike can serve as the instances in this regard. These tools often empower your desktop at school or home or your handheld devices to give you lesson at your convenience. While learning simultaneously with as much as enjoyable means is continued to be the objective for engaging students, these web apps and tools have a really effective role to play. Let us introduce here some of these learning tools with a creative and differential thinking.

Ejucomm: Ejucomm is a school mobile app with primary focus on increasing communication and collaboration among students, teachers and guardians. The web platform offering an array of mobile friendly educational tools for every kind of purposes including taking notes to translation to collaborative tasks has already been hugely popular.

Buncee: For a kid truly it is a sky-full of creative possibilities for shaping his visual aspirations with engaging multimedia drawings on a digital canvas. Kids possess weird range imaginations when it comes to creating something and Bouncee is the right digital canvas to try their creative brilliance.

Collaborize Classroom: From taking lessons to completing tasks and engaging in collaborative tasks or posting comments and queries, with this great web based tool the whole classroom get nearer and engaged than ever before.

Mindmeister: When a student wants to map his education plan and schedules in a detailed and intuitive order, this tool comes as the handiest one. From taking small notes to scheduling tasks to making a presentation plan, with this you can do all without making yourself too muddled up.

Kidblog: As a teacher if you want to give vent to the creative abilities of engaging students start using Kidblog in and outside the classroom. Each student can create his individual blog, participate in discussions and engage with comments, while the teacher has full control over all the student accounts and discussions. That is pretty superb for engaging students, isn’t it?

Voki: This tool became immensely popular with teachers and students simply because it did not miss to address the relevant things. From engaging students with interactive lessons to enhancing skills for as many as 25 languages, from introducing students with tech environment in a fun way to helping them with homework and projects, Voki proves to be irreplaceable for educational community.

Remind 101: As a teacher you obviously want to connect the students in a classroom in an efficient manner and want to have full control over them. That is exactly you can do with this wonderful educational tool. From sending messages to all the students instantly to seeing the contact details of all of them, you can do all of these at ease.

Wordle: Wordle is a simple and creative tool to let students create their own word-cloud from the frequent words they are encountering in their texts. The tool is actually devised to make students more familiar with new words in their text.

Schoology: From offering unique web course pages for learners to making cloud based service available for collaborative sharing and storage, Schoology has many feats that made it one of the most referenced web based educational tool so far. From secure mailing to workload planning to letting teachers access student data, Schoology is a full-fledged LMS.

FlipQuiz: Incorporating fun way of sharing knowledge and engaging students is nowadays more preferred and the whole objective of using educational tools is basically directed towards that end. FlipQuiz does that perfectly enough by letting teachers create game show style quizzes for students. 

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