Skoolbo: Differentiated Instruction Through Game Based Learning

Skoolbo: Differentiated Instruction Through Game Based Learning

Studies suggest that game-based learning is best for cognitive retention, the kids learn better and faster with games. Teachers and parents constantly put their efforts to improve kids' learning through games. For them to know, Skoolbo is one of the great program that promotes game-based learning.

Skoolbo is wonderful website for elementary kids to assist them in reading and math. The platform contains areas for kids, teachers and parents. Teachers and parents are equipped with a number of tools to help them achieve great educational results for their kids.

How Skoolbo Helps?

Engaged students: Games and activities at Skoolbo engged students perfectly.

Play with family and friends: Kids can play number of games over this platform with their parents and grandparents and friends.

Highly individualized curriculum: Skoolbo’s Spiral Learning Algorithm makes sure kids always get right level of difficulty with right balance of new and revised content. Educators also set particular activities for the students in classroom.

Instant feedback and support: Kids immediately know that if they are going on the right track or not, also support is given to them.

Independent learners: Skoolbo works amazingly in classroom with every learner.

Offline mode: Skoolbo can even work in offline.

Skoolbo is available on PC, Mac, iPad, Win 8, Android and web browser. The pricing package at Skoolbo is available for students, teacher, parents and schools. 


Skoolbo is free for students. With free account they can get:

  • A fun and engaging way to learn
  • Multi-player games
  • Incredible graphics
  • Over 60,000 questions


It is also absolutely free for teachers. They can use it to:

  • Set specific curriculum for each child
  • Improves learning outcomes
  • Intelligent data and reports
  • Differentiated learning


Parents can get the free version with additional premium reports at only $6.95. With this version parents can:

  • Intelligent data and reports
  • Awards and certificates
  • Parent participation – Special app to play with children
  • Helps parents in guiding their kids


For school Skoolbo, the annual license charge is $365. However, the website of Skoolbo say, “Register prior to December 31 2014; Your school will be given "Forever Free" status and you will never pay the annual school license.” With this platform, schools can:

  • Aggregated results from each class
  • Do High level analytics
  • Personalised school leaderboard
  • Student awards pack to lift motivation
  • Dedicated School Implementation Manager
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Author: Prasanna Bharti
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