LumenEd: Technology Designed Completely from the Ground-Up for Low-Cost Schools and Classrooms

LumenEd: Technology Designed Completely from the Ground-Up for Low-Cost Schools and Classrooms

Bringing multimedia content to the classroom is one the great ways to involve students in studies; it engages students into creative way. 

Use of multimedia content in the classroom enables students to explore and identify their real passion and helps teachers in complementing lessons, opening new opportunities and generate interest.

LumenEd is a social venture with a learning platform in a low-cost, durable and sustainable package that provides access to digital educational resources worldwide. The platform connects students all across the globe, makes learning better and brings communities together. The package consists of specialized education content, video pen pal program, and a unique device that makes it all possible.

The Device

LumenEd device supports e-learning activities anywhere in the world. The platform offers unique device made to showcase video content and to supplement a video pen pal program.

lumen ed

This Bright Orange Box enables educators to teach, and pupils to learn, without bothering about internet connectivity and electricity. This device runs on an inner lithium ion battery. The battery can be charged using a portable solar charging kit or from a wall outlet. The device can be easily operated in modern city as well as in rural areas.

The device is designed for the classroom. It contains stereo speakers with powerful projector; teachers do not have to worry about students sitting at the back of the classroom in watching and hearing the video. The device is small, light, and durable so that educators can carry the device anywhere in or out of classroom without any complex installations.



LumenEd team enables educators to access learning videos to the educators. The team compiles open-source content from various content providers and organizes it on the basis of grade level, subject matter, and language.

The platform consists of over 1500 videos in core subjects, a range of grades and, in various different languages. The LumenEd team constantly keep updating digital library. They do it by keeping educator’s feedback about content effectiveness in their mind.

With the unique content delivery and storage system enables content to reach at any location. Contents are stored in flash drives, as well as can be updated in on PC or even mailed to space without internet connectivity.

Team LumenEd works with educators to figure out content as per educational requirments. There are hundreds of videos that match to the lesson plans for the CBSE and Common Core. Here, educators can easily find materials to match their exams, textbooks, and readings from their curriculum.

LumenEd is an amazing platform that meets unique requirement of the classroom, with 1500 videos in subject Science, Maths and English, it is a very useful and helpful platform for teachers.

If, you are a teacher, then get involved in the platform, I am sure, it will definitely benefit you.

About the Author
Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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