How Teachers Can Find and Download Safe Creative Common Images for use in the Classroom

How Teachers Can Find and Download Safe Creative Common Images for use in the Classroom

Whenever students start any multimedia project, they may find simply Googling the images and using the images that attract them the most as an easy way; but educators have the responsibility to teach students to respect copyright.

One of the ways that educators can teach their students to respect copyright holders is to teach them about Creative Common Images.

Creative Commons Image license is a set of copyright licenses that provides to protect original content and give authors credit of their work. Users can easily use content under different licenses; there are total seven CC licenses. 


CC0 issues content to the public domain. You are allowed to do whatever they wish and they even not have to credit the work to anyone. It is actually gifted to public. 

CC BY (CC Attribution)

It enables people to use, share, and amend a work as long as people give credit to the original creator. 

CC BY-SA (CC Attribution-ShareAlike)

This licence enables users to use, share, and change a work if they are giving credit to the creator. Wikipedia uses this license.

CC BY-ND (CC Attribution-NoDerivatives)

It enables users to use and share a work if they are giving credit to the real creator of the work, but they are not permitted to make alterations in the work. 

CC BY-NC (CC Attribution-NonCommercial)

This license enables users to use, share, and modify a work only if credit has been given to the original creator, and users also have to agree not to sell that work or modifications.

CC BY-NC-SA (CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike)

It only allows users to use, share and modify a work only if original creator has been given the credit. This licence is used by MIT Open Courseware.

CC BY-NC-ND (CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives)

Under this license as well a work can be shared or used and give the credit to the original creator but not permitted to modify the work. TED Talks videos use this license.

Educators need to be aware of platforms to find safe images that can be used for educational purpose in the classrooms. Photos for Class is a great platform that enables educators to download properly attributed, Creative Commons images for school.

Safe G Rated Images: All images available at Photos for Class is suitable for school purpose.

Automatic Attribution: Downloaded pictures automatically mention author as well as image license terms.

Creative Common Images: All pictures on Photos for Class shown are best for educational purpose.

Try this wonderful platform from the folks at Storyboard That and search out best images for your classroom and let us know your feedback in the comment section. 

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