Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum by Common Sense Media Available for Free

Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum by Common Sense Media Available for Free

Technology is playing an inevitable role in education system today, but this makes spreading awareness on digital citizenship a mandatory task too. Digital citizenship teaches students etiquette required to smartly participate in digital world.

It equips students with essential tools that assist them to navigate challenges of digital world.

Basically, there are three key areas of digital citizenship: Digital literacy, Security, and Community and Ethics.

Digital literacy includes how to find, sort, manage, evaluate information in digital way.

Security includes knowing the possible threats that can be generated from own and others behaviour, possibilities of hacking and virus.

Community ethics include teaching students and helping them practising it in various digital media settings.

Common Sense Media has recently released Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum. It is a set of eight interactive textbook, multimedia, iBooks available for free in the iBook store. Since schools are integrating technology in their classrooms and students are also using tech in their home, it is important to teach them the digital citizenship skills. 

This ground-breaking Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum is available in two edition; The Teacher Editions and The Student Workbooks. 



If you wish to adopt the Digital Citizenship and Internet Maturity curriculum in your school, visit the website to know more.

The Teacher Editions

This edition include lesson plan with activities, videos, teaching tips, interactive assessments, videos of lessons in action, contextual info about the topic as well as resources to share with parents. 

The Student Workbooks

The student workbooks contain engaging lessons activities, interactive assessments, as well as provocative videos. When, students are done with the workbook, they can submit it to their teachers electronically.

In the 21st century, when technology is required for various educational needs, it is crucial for every teacher to teach digital citizenship to their students. This Common Sense Media Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum is an amazing resource that helps educators and students both to learn and teach about digital citizenship. 

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
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