Learn Some Amazing Ways to Use QR Code in Your Classroom

Learn Some Amazing Ways to Use QR Code in Your Classroom

QR Code is a machine readable code that consists a collection of white and black squares, usually used for keeping URLs or any other information for reading purpose in smartphones, cameras or barcode readers. QR code is gaining momentum as a learning tool in the classroom. Do you know why?

  • Easy accessibility
  • Information load can be communicated freely of time and geographical locations.
  • QR codes are very easy to create and web is full of free tools that help students to create their own QR codes and insert any kind of information.
  • Scanning and decoding the content of QR code that anyone can do easily.
  • Students use mobile devices and therefore, it is not difficult to access QR code.

There are various instances where teachers can use QR code in the classroom. It is not just a great learning tool but also an amazing way to engage students actively in their lesson. Here are some different reasons, unique ideas and ways to use QR code in classroom.

Save Tress

Instead of using more printouts, give your students QR code that takes them to the assignments, instructions and announcements. This activity can indirectly save trees and classroom walls and keep the classroom green.

Access Help

Teachers can also add QR code to their homework sheets that can further link out to access help. For instance - if student get stuck with particular problem and need assistant then they can scan QR code to get help. QR code can be linked to tutorial platform like Khan Academy.


Help students to create codes connecting to items discovered during research. These can be posted in class wikis on any topic or on the wall’s classroom. It gives authorship in the research process to the researcher.

Classroom Calendar

Fix QR code in the classroom timetable or calendar to remind about upcoming class event, reminders and assessments, etc.

Check Answers

Let students to cross check their answers by scanning QR code after completing their assignments or test.  Educators can also visually check when students are checking their work; they can even track how their students are doing. Such activities facilitate student reflection.

Show Examples

Educators can create QR for linking students to show examples of good work, be it slideshare, power point or anything else.

Create Resumes

Students can create resume by using QR code that link to other content like on other portfolio or site. All educational establishments do some level of resume writing for their students. Facilitating resume writing using QR code enhances technical skills.

Make Learning Stations

Educators can make different learning stations and take students to different online activities, content and video. They can use great tools such as graphic organizer or protocol of reciprocal teaching (PDF) facilities their student interaction.

Educators can also get good ideas on how to use QR codes in the classroom from some of the popular Pinterest boards. You can follow the boards and get new ideas every day, here are some Pinterest pages that you can follow.

QR Codes in the Classroom: Here you will get great ideas as the board offers more than 500 pins.

QR Codes for Kids: The board will provide an exploration of QR codes in the classroom.

Tech-n-Common: The board offers resources ways to use QR codes in the classroom to educators.

QR Code Learning Stations and Classroom Ideas:  You can get learning stations and classroom ideas that you can include in QR codes.

Technology & QR Codes: On this broad, you can explore a lot more about technology in the classroom and QR codes.

All Things iApple-QR Codes-in the Classroom: As name suggest, the board relates with iApple-QR Codes-in the classroom.

QR Codes: Another Pinterest board with amazing resources and ways to use QR code for education.

QR Codes in the Classroom by Nicole Loftis: Again a very useful board for QR users in classroom.

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