13 Tools Teachers Would Love For Formative Assessments

13 Tools Teachers Would Love For Formative Assessments

Educators do assessment to check student’s knowledge in a subject or topic. Teachers need to check in different ways if their students are meeting the standards set by them.

Practices like formative assessment refer to a number of methods that educator can use to gather comprehensive information on student learning in real time which can be utilised and analyzed to improve their learning. Formative assessment is always a part of learning. Here are some great tools that teachers across the globe are incorporating into classroom practice for the formative assessment process.

Socrative Teacher

Socrative is a great tool for formative assessments. Using this tool, teachers can engage whole classroom through various engaging activities. With this free platform, users can perform various activities like:

  • Educators can ask short answer questions and reflect student’s answers the screen.
  • Teachers can also give quick quiz to their students to check their understanding and grade them accordingly.
  • Teachers can use this platform to get quick paper-free response by their students.



Geddit is a platform for 1:1 classroom that enables leaners to immediate feedback about their knowledge or understanding about a particular topic. This feedback is very much necessary for teachers so that they can recognize needs of their students. The platform includes multiple choice questions, quizzes and much more to assess student’s understanding.


PingPong is a smart tool for communication that facilities interaction between teachers and students during class.Thus make lessons more interesting and live. The main features PingPong includes:

  • Essay question
  • Timer
  • Connect to Evernote
  • Drawing
  • Multiple choice
  • Random selection of Students
  • O/X


ClassBadges is a free tool where educators can reward badges to their student activities. Using teacher’s account, users can award badges as well as customize it as per their classroom or school need.


SMILE stands for Stanford Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment turns a conventional  classroom into an extremely collaborative and interactive learning environment. It engages learners in serious problem solving and reasoning activities.


Primarywall is a free sticky note tool made for schools that enables students and educators to work together in actual-time. It is free and there us a six month welcome period for every new user where they can get limitless wall creation, community support note search, and much more.

The Answer Pad

The Answer Pad is available both as website and iPad app for free. All educators can get advantage from this tool that enables educators to check understanding of their students in the classroom while teaching. They can also engage students by giving every student a chance to demonstration what they understand during class time, this gives positive impacts on learning process.


On Padlet students and teachers collaborate on wall of information using pictures, links and videos and it is free and easy to use.


On Quizlet  students can create their own or pick from many flash cards sets available.  When you have got your flashcard, you can study games and do multiple choice tests. Users can add image as well as listen audio, and perform much more activity.


AnswerGarden is yet another tool which is free for users. Teachers can use it in the classroom as feedback or as brainstorming tool. They can also embed this tool on their website or blog as well as use it as poll or guestbook.

PlickersGradecam and DeansList are other tools apart from many mentioned above that can be quite useful for teachers to practice formative assessments. 


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