Educational Websites for Kids That Every Parent Should Know

Educational Websites for Kids That Every Parent Should Know

Filtering best educational websites for your kids among the tons of websites available over the Internet is really a challenging work. Some sites claim that they are educational websites but do not really offer unique engaging and learning content.

Here is a list of hand-picked educational sites which include online educational games, videos, printable and much more for children.


PBS KIDS PLAY! offer a lot of stuff for the development of kids. Children do not need to read the instruction all the instructions have voice-over. However, the website is limited to just US users.

Age: 4

Poisson Rouge

Poisson Rouge is an educational website that is for the young learners. It looks beautiful without any flashy computer tricks. Even kids who know how to run mouse will be able to navigate the website perfectly. They can perform various activities as well as play a lot of games. The website runs flash and is friendly on iPad/iPhone/iPod. The stuff of the website has been divided into various categories such as Alphabets, Vocabulary, Music, Arts, and Numbers - Early Maths. You can register on the website in two different section using School and organisation and Home.

Age: 4

Ready to Learn Reading

Ready to Learn Reading is a full-packed games and videos website that help kids on the edge of reading literacy advance reading skills. Although, the use of this website still requires parental involvement. The website is a part of the PBS kids raising readers program by U.S. Department of Education. It also offers ready to learn engaging ways to learn skills. The offers different types of games like:

  • Reading games
  • Number games
  • Letter games
  • Science games
  • Maths games
  • Literacy games
  • Spelling games
  • Vocabulary games

Age: 6

The website is a safe, fun and best place to learn for kids. Users can find games, muppets, videos, art maker and playlist. Parents can set playlist of games and videos that can be navigated by the pre-readers. The PlaySafe feature over some browsers enables parents to lock a game page or playlist.

Age: 4

Ziggity Zoom

Ziggity Zoom is an educational website for early readers and pre-schoolers. The innovative website is filled with crafts, games, printables and many other activities for the kids that motivates drawing, encourage innovation, drawing, and colouring. Parents need to login with Facebook accounts to play games with their kids. Over the website, there is a parents section about articles on education arts and crafts, healthy habits, etc.

Age: 5

BrainPOP Jr.

BrainPOP Jr is a pay website that provides online animated curriculum-based content. Children do not require proficient reading skills. Lessons here start with brief video and include wide variety of topics related to school and life. The website includes quiz, games, videos and activity section includes science, writing, reading, social studies, maths and much more.

Age: 5

You must also explore FunBrain,, and GridClub. Which one is your favorite? Is it missing in the list?

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