4 Videos to Help you Create Videos for Flipping the Classroom

4 Videos to Help you Create Videos for Flipping the Classroom

The conventional method of teaching where teachers stand in front of students and  give the lecture and assign them homework is becoming thing of the past. “Flipping the classroom” is the latest buzz.

Since, interest in flipping classroom is growing, therefore, educators are adopting it for their classroom.  Teachers can reframe learning with interesting, scored and self-paced videos. It enables the teacher to engage their students in deep discussion, project-based learning and application.

Here are four videos that will help teachers to understand how to create videos for flipping the classroom.

I Flip, You Flip, We All Flip: Setting Up a Flipped Classroom

Content curation is one of the integral part while making video for flipped classroom. There are lot of websites that help you in content curtaion. One of the website is www.youtube.com/edu. Here educators can find a lot of videos related to various topics easily. Another website, knowmia.com- the website offers you with awesome instructors that have already been best. It also gives you easy tools if you want to make the video. Some of the other platforms include:

After the content, while creating video, you must know your audience. For example- if you are making a video, you’re in Columbia grad school; it’s going to be a different video that you’re doing into the middle school environment. The biggest recommendation is not be really academic as you are talking to kids. Kids are going into the home, therefore, you need engage them, and they need to feel like they have a foot in the game. And to do that teacher really need bring things that students understand and make connections with the students. Video is like a bridge between their (kids) world and academic world. 

How to Create Khan Academy Style Videos: Demonstration of "Pencasting"

This is a demo video that showcases how to make pencasting or whiteboard videos. You will learn how to make pencasting using smoothdraw-a drawing platform. 

 How Do You Make Your Videos? Why? - FAQ - Katie Gimbar's Flipped Classroom

In this one minute video, Katie Gimbar answering “how do you make your videos? why?”. She explains, “For me I need something that was rather simple for me to do. I am not very tech-savvy. I didn’t want to take time to learn a new technology. So I choose a method once I have learned about it.”

“I use whiteboard, use markers to write down and display information. I can use camera and take simple video, no editing involve- a very simple process. When I am done I can upload the video.”

Watch out the entire video to listen what she suggests.

How to Make a Flipped Classroom Lesson

This video demonstrates how create "Flipped Classroom" lesson. The programs used in this tutorial are Screencast-o-matic.com and Prezi.com to capture screen, and to create the visual aspect of the video respectively. 

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