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Just a decade ago, playing group sports, roaming with friends at the mall, spending time in the library and doing homework, watching television were some common activities of kids and many teenagers.

Progress in technology has altered and enriched the lives many children. Various social networking platforms keep children connected with their friends 24*7, even after their school or classroom. With the advancement in the technology, now, students rarely visit library to complete their homework or assignment. They get all the information to complete their assignment in just few clicks using internet. Although, despite such huge advantages online connectivity is a threat to a number of students.  

In order to prevent such threats, there are lot of resources in the form of tools and platforms or websites available online to guide techies, parents, educators and students. One such great website is OnGuardOnline.gov. It is the Federal Government’s site to help people stay secure, safe, and responsible online.

What You Can Have on Website?

The website is full of lot of insightful articles and resources to protect your kids online. Articles are available under these categories.

Avoid Scams: Scam performers are very smart. They utilise tricky schemes to fleece a number of people all over the world every year. Being on watch over the internet, can help in maximizing the advantages of the web and lessen chances of being deceived.  Under this avoid scams; you can learn how to identify common scams and how to avoid it.

Secure Your Computer: The internet era has given access to a number of services and products to the users. Meanwhile, it has also given chance to hackers, scammers, as well as identity thieves. Experts will give you top tips how you can protect information while online.

Protect Kids Online: Children have huge occasions for socializing using Internet, but it also involves certain among of threat. Parents can aid decrease such threats by communicating with their children about how to being safe and take responsible decisions.

Be Smart Online: The web makes many daily tasks easy, like banking, shopping products, researching, looking for health information, as well as communicating. Get many smart tips over her on how to make most of online safely.

Content is also available in the form of video and media. Resources are divided for educators, parents, techies, small business, and military.

Educators: Being an educator, if you require a game for your middle school classroom, video to share with community and parents, or write-ups for workplace newsletter, related to online safety, you can see everything here on this page.

Parents: Talking time to time is the best way to your kids online. Children rely blindly on their parents for getting vital information. The page contains huge resources to help parents to get started.

Techies: The page offers information to cybersecurity or IT or professional searching for educational materials for any kind of information related to any threats.

Small-Business: Small business rely on the technology to increase their reach. On this page, you can get information related to how to protect data, networks, as well as IT systems.               

Military: Be it you are an active military man or a retiree, or someone belongs to military family, you can keep your computer and personal information secure using tips available on this page of OnGuardOnline.gov.

What's your take on such a resourceful website? 

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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