Sanskaar Valley Takes Lead to Make Students Internet Mature

Sanskaar Valley Takes Lead to Make Students Internet Mature

"We are happy and proud to announce our latest initiative of including Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity’ in the curriculum for classes 6th onwards.

While similar initiatives have begun in developed countries like USA, Sanskaar Valley is India’s first school to bring Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity in curriculum in a comprehensive manner", says Principal Dr. Amlan K Saha.

Principal Dr. Amlan was clear about the reasons behind their initiative; i.e. some trends which his school have been observing since past few years:

  •        The Internet access times of children are getting longer.
  •        The learning opportunities on the web are getting better (example OCWs and MOOCs).
  •        The threats from the online sources are getting more serious in nature and new kind of online threats are arising everyday.
  •        The number of cases of misuse of Internet by children is rising at an alarming rate.

The Internet has become an inseparable part of the lives of 21st century students. So, as a 21st century school, TSVS has shown commitment to make its students Internet mature and thus prepared for a 21st century life in future.



If you wish to adopt the Digital Citizenship and Internet Maturity curriculum in your school, visit the website to know more.

"We started with a few workshops on Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity in the school, but soon realized that students need regular and long term practice to understand the concepts." - Dr. Amlan K Saha

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The curriculum and the study material (class videos, textbook and workbooks) have been designed by reputed industry experts. The lecture plans are specially designed to let students gain practical experience of Internet maturity concepts. Mr. Raghu Pandey, author of India’s only book on Internet Maturity, is guiding us to bring this innovation on. The focus areas of our Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity program are as follows:

  1.     Understanding What is ‘Web 2.0’
  2.     How to create & share digital content
  3.     Mature way of Social Networking
  4.     Basics of Professional Networking
  5.     Online forum discussion skills
  6.     Blogging skills for self-expression
  7.     How to search knowledge online
  8.     What are ‘OCWs’ & ‘MOOCs’
  9.     How to be safe online
  10.     How to manage Online Reputation
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