Why Student Data Is So Essential To EdTech Companies?

student data for edtech companiesTold by great men, the statics of any mathematical operation is dependency of data.  But we are not really talking about mathematics here, so don’t get upset. Many of today’s survey about lifestyle, habits, etc are primarily based on people data’s and here, the one who plays the key role is a Student. So question arises as such why student data is essential and how student data can benefit edtech companies.  The so far mentioned is all about business for firms.  But now edtech companies are trying hard to analyze students’ perception about their learning process.

Student data is essential here because they would provide the honest feedback and can give out new and different ideas to implement regarding the education system.  The better they provide feedback and ideas, the lesser will be the gap between them and educator.  Their confidence on this approach proves that learning analytics is the future of edtech. 

Analytical Perspective:

According to the latest NMC Horizon Report 2013, Learning Analytics is the future of edtech. And to be able to create the analytics, Data is a must. We all know College campuses are hothouses of data, including course schedules, degree requirements, and grades. But much of the information remains spread out across software systems or locked on university servers. Now a crowd of start-ups has emerged with hopes of prying out those rich data sets to build an app economy for universities—a world of new personalized services that could transform the student experience.

  • The idea of opening data to consumers has already spread to such industries as health care and energy.
  • Being able to open up all data’s and creating transparency is still little concern for security reasons.

An initiative taken in 2010, the Department of Veterans Affairs introduced a "blue button" for online health records that lets patients download their information with a single click.

  • For instance, Consumers looking to reduce their energy bills can use a similar tool: The White House recently promoted a "green button" for utility companies that let customers download their energy-consumption information.
  • With a little more creativity now a "MyData button" for students is on the horizon. A government campaign is urging colleges and companies that hold student data to make information like grades and test scores more portable and user-friendly.

Using MyData Button would lead: Armed with information, consumers can plug it into smartphone apps and Web tools to make better decisions and save money.


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