Can Games Enhance Learning? Watch These Videos to Know

Games are a powerful tool to engage kids and impact their learning. Watch out these great videos to find out more on how games can really enhance learning. 

7 Ways Games Reward the Brain 

In this video, Tom Chatfield showcase that games are dreamily tuned to get rewards. It engages the brain. He also talks about many convincing aspect of video gaming and its measurability. 

Game-based school uses play to engage kids

The video will showcase about an experiment in educational innovation known as playmaker school. The playmaker concept was designed by Los Angeles non-profit Game Desk. Lucien Vattel Founder GameDesk and PlayMaker School says, “A lot of work we are doing here focuses on creating authentic experience something that creates intrinsic motivation.

3 year old example of Game-based Learning

The video will show the example how Game-based Learning can be used at home.

Katie Salen on the Power of Game-Based Learning

In this video, Kate Salen Executive director of Design in Middle School called Quest to Learn talks about how she has taken game-based approached in her school. The school utilises core principles of game design as an agenda to assist students in becoming design thinkers and lifelong learners.

She explains, “Kids are dropped into complex challenges based context that they have no ability to solve, at the beginning of ten weeks. And then that ten weeks structure, what we call is mission is broken down into a series of smaller challenges, that scaffold and really engage the kids in learning how to do something that will allow them to solve that complex problem.” 

Game-Based Learning Brings the History of Civilization to Life

Historia is a game-based learning and middle school students learn social studies via it. Historia is a paper-based simulation game that includes a world cultures curriculum. In this video, Rick Brennan explains about this game, he says, “It is way to take traditional subject like social studies, but to teach it through experience and interactivity.”

The best part of Historia is being able to create your own history because not only you will learn about other countries during that time period, you will also get to learn about what happened, said one of the student using Historia. 

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