How Can Technology Help Increase The Student Engagement Rate In Colleges?

How Can Technology Help Increase The Student Engagement Rate In Colleges?

According to the latest Gallup survey, the student’s engagement rate has improved by 55% in colleges if we compare the students of today with the last decade or so.

This improvement in engagement rate of the students has largely to do with the introduction of technology in classrooms of colleges that has created an atmosphere of enhanced learning, active participation and hence healthy engagement or interaction with the studies.

The student’s engagement rate is basically the rate at which students participate during their lectures and along with their professors in a particular course. So this has a lot to do with how the professors deliver their lectures, the quality of it and how students perceive and take it.

Technology, such as the use of projections and computers, has allowed drastic changes to the way students are taught and this creates an atmosphere to increase the engagement rate amongst the students of a college. Today, we will be talking about four ways through which college student’s engagement rate has gone high with the introduction or assistance of technology in classrooms.

Better delivery of lectures

When teachers use different projections and technological aid within their lectures, their delivery of lesson improves a lot. From just plain white board to different equipment, in order to increase the effectiveness of the lecture is what increases the engagement rate to a great amount. Students, on the other hand, also have their own personal technology like smart phones and tablets, that helps them take quick notes of the lecture, capture the footage of it or find something they do not understand instantly. This is how students feel better engaged when it comes to engaging themselves within their classrooms during the delivery of lectures.

Technology helps memorize better

When aided by technology, students can memorize the lecture and course well as the notes they take or the lecture they record stays with them effectively when they are revising, this not only creates in-class engagement but also after the lecture is finished. The ability to view lectures the way they are, is one of the great blessings for students when it comes to learning and getting a good knowledge transfer. Students within their class, also tend to remember the lecture when they have devices to jot down quick notes, they can also similarly ask questions related to the subject adding to the overall engagement.

The visual is better than words

Technology helps create amazing presentations and visual based lectures, instead of just the utterance of words and this is when students can find a lot of room to better their engagement with the classrooms. When aided with visual appeal, students find better and much more engaging lessons compared to teachers just speaking on the subject.

Regulating better information

With technology, teachers are in a position to deliver better and more accurate information to the students. This automatically increases the engagement and the motivational level amongst the students and within the classrooms. Technology, like computers, helps professors to build better lecture forms and improve the quality and overall delivery of their lecture notes, to increase high engagement rates.

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