What Extra Mile Do Rockstar Teachers Travel?

What Extra Mile Do Rockstar Teachers Travel?

Teaching is among the toughest and complicated profile today. It demands dedication, commitment with wide knowledge of subject, better understanding of curriculum and good classroom management techniques with caring attitude along with the ability to stay current in their field through technological tools.

If a teacher has all these qualities then she is a ROCKSTAR teacher. A Rockstar Teacher always has a desire to make difference in her student’s life.

So what more does a ROCKSTAR teacher do for her students?

Rockstar Teachers Favors Constructivist Pedagogy

Rockstar teachers truly understand that 21st century education requires implementation of constructivist pedagogy. They always give much emphasis on hands-on experiences where students always go for active learning. They create environment where students develop 21st century skills like critical thinking, collaboration, communication and higher order skills in active learning environment.

What Do Rockstar Teachers Do?

  • Encourage students to solve real-world problems by assigning them right assessments.
  • They prepare questions where students need to empathize, analyze, need reference, create, synthesize, defend substitute viewpoints, decides what they know and what they don't.
  • Support, guide and facilitate their students.

Rockstar teachers always focus on inspiring students' perspective by giving them rich experiences.

Rockstar Teachers Teach like an Artist

A rockstar teacher treats every minutes of classroom carefully and always tries to craft influential theme. They teach with a transparent purpose with unique style and gives notable beginning and climax with rational sequences to the content. All these things compel students to believe in learning.

Always looks for effective communication with Parents

These teachers always reach out parents at the starting of the school year and ensure the first meeting is fruitful and positive. Not just this, they continue their communication with their students’ parents thought out the year. They update them regularly about their ward’s progress and also listen to their concern. They also make full use of technology as well as social media platforms to meet the learning expectations of their students.

Rockstar Teachers Always Synthesize and Appraise New Ideas

Rockstar teachers:

  • Know the rational links between two or more ideas.
  • Build and judge arguments.
  • Identify conflicts and common mistakes in cognitive.
  • Pool various ideas to construct a latest concept.
  • Classify the significance and prominence of ideas.

Rockstar Teachers Enable Useful Struggle

Engaging students with the productive or useful struggle is the best approach to help students to learn a lot of things. Rockstar teachers know that engaging students into useful struggles actually saves the time of re-teaching in long run and best way to make student brainstorming. When students take help of scientific and artistic methods in their struggle, they actually develop lot of skills that are required in 21st century education.

What do you think is missing? What is your definition of a ROCKSTAR TEACHER? Drop in your views in the comment box.

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