Fantastic Videos by YouTube to Help You Become an Extraordinary Creator

Fantastic Videos by YouTube to Help You Become an Extraordinary Creator

YouTube enables a number of users to discover, make, as well as share original self-made videos.

YouTube offers a great opportunity to people to inform, connect, as well as inspire others all across the world. It is one of the platforms that enables for sharing, creating content creators, for any purpose. YouTube Creator Academy is one of the fantastic resources by YouTube that can strengthen your YouTube skills with free online lessons.

The platform has bundled up many lessons which users can apply to be an extraordinary creator. Just choose a course theme and start comfortably. Users can find lessons under four categories.

  • The art of getting viewers
  • Grow your audience
  • Engage your audience boot camp
  • Earn money

The art of getting viewers

In this mini course, users will learn tips from top YouTube experts and creators to help people to enhance involvement with their audience. The mini course is self-paced with two week recommended plan. The mini course consist of small lessons on Be sharable Making videos that other wants to share is among the best way to grow between your audiences. It is a powerful tool because mass are learning about you from them they trust.

Why branding matters

Know why branding is crucial and how to utilise it as advantage to showcase your channel. Learn best practices as well as tips to make a reliable and compelling message for your brand.

Your channel trailer

How can you turn viewers into subscribers? Start a lesson to design an awesome channel to compel your viewers to become subscribers.

Your title and thumbnail

Title, Thumbnails, and descriptions act like ads endorsing your videos. Design them to help new fans and look into YouTube videos and channel.

About YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics can assist you to measure what and how works to make your channel flourish.

Grow Your Audience

In this section, you will learn strategies and tools to grow your audience and keep them back. This section contains:


Establish working relationships with those brilliant YouTube creators whose skills match yours.


Subscribers are the biggest fans of your YouTube channel. They will play crucial role in its success as they want to come back and watch more.


Use video descriptions and comments to enhance engagement, subscribers and watch time.

Upload regularly

Fans and lovers like to see videos regularly on the channels they have subscribed.

Engage your audience boot camp

Want to learn how top YouTuber viewers become lasting fans? This section has a lot for you.

See what captivates viewers

While building audience over YouTube, it is crucial to know your preferences and demographics, so that you are better able to modify content that attracts them most.

Engage beyond YouTube

It’s crucial that YouTube creators vigorously scope out new viewers in this changing media landscape.

Learn about your subscribers

Find out how well you are doing on community building and turning your viewers into fans.

Earn money with YouTube

It is just great to make money by doing what you love. Get started with YouTube advertising. Check out how ads work for creator.

Earn money

Have you ever thought how YouTube creators make money and how you can too?

Set revenue goals

Tracking revenue is important and you must know the basics of tracking your YouTube revenue.

Ads on YouTube

There are many ways to make money on YouTube. Find out how to use various ad types to bring revenue.


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