5 Pros and Cons of Using Technology in your Classroom: How Much Do you Agree?

5 Pros and Cons of Using Technology in your Classroom: How Much Do you Agree?

With the passing of time, technology has taken the front seat and society is becoming quite dependent on the technology. It’s the technology which helps in enhancing the skills and preparing them for the future.

The society of today has become quite reliant on technology. It’s being used in all facets of life and has become an integral part of it. Today’s student do require a strong hands on computers for competing with the Global economy, which has pushed the United Kingdom towards integrating guidelines for ensuring that graduates are aware about competing in 21st century.

Technology could provide a high end environment and an interactive learning experience. There are numerous means in which teachers could use technology in their classroom. Every method is providing myriads of benefits which could be imparted to students. Technology in education is playing a crucial role in enhancing the skills and knowledge of the people across the Globe.

Pros of Technology in the Classroom

  • Independent learning for students

Teachers could assign the task for students in the group and encourage them to complete in a single group by using the technology and check out on the academic queries if arises. It’s quite easy to connect students with the help of technology. Naturally, you could find many of students who are shy and don’t feel comfortable in sharing their views, but when once they have to complete the task in a group, they would prefer to open up with each other. There are few tools like Piazza, which could be used for achieving such goals of making shy candidates share their view points. The group which is created could be divided into small sections with around 4-5 candidates. They have the quick accessibility and are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills of operating the technology for their benefit.

  •  Visual illustrations- make learning easier

In case if the classroom is equipped with technology and every individual has his own system with them, the lessons could be showcased in the visual format. It allows you to experiment more in the pedagogy. Whether it’s going to be dramatic change which could include teaching with the flipped classroom, or by just adopting a specific tool for focusing on team or the project. If you are well versed with the technology, then you would be able to build the credibility with students and even with the fellow colleagues.

  • Effective means of learning

Technology in your classroom is designed for making the learning easy and bit quicker. Its efficiency allows the candidates to grasp the concepts in the shorter span of time and inevitably allows them to learn much more than expected, when technology would not have been used. It not only enhances the caliber of the candidates but also provides deeper insight to the instructors across.

  • Life skills via technology

Using technology in classroom could prepare your students for their deep rooted future with enhanced technologies hitting into the market. The vital skills like as focusing on creating presentation, maintaining proper etiquette, writing emails etc. which could be inculcated in the classroom.

  • Creativity is enhanced and focused upon

All the candidates don’t believe in going through the text books, due to which they are not efficient or quick learners. There are few students who do require the creativity for stimulating their potential learning. The best thing about the technology in classroom is that it is able to help those students who are interested in learning things in creative and innovative manner.

Cons for Technology in the Classroom

  • Technology could be distraction

The technology could be a distraction, majorly when the candidates are using for the personal reasons while class is going on. The only means how it could be managed is by settling down with the specific set of rules and regulations for classrooms.  Failure to comply with the terms, students would be at great risk of learning and losing his system.

  • Disconnection with Social Media

Quite of people are skeptical of the technology and what it is doing to student’s ability of verbally communicating. In case if you are creating assignments in the class which are using both technology tools and oral presentations, it would enhance the caliber of candidate to be dynamic and to check out that how they interact and learn with others.

  • Online security and Safety

One of the major concerns is with regards to security and safety of students as they should not be able to access the unsuitable materials. It is due to the security that most of the search engines are providing facilities of filter for removing unwanted content on the site.

  • Forgetting the basic ways of studying

The candidates are no longer going to rely on books which are shared by their seniors for them to study. They are inclined to enhance their knowledge the use of the technology. Even the simple problems and homework assigned to them are answered with the help of the technology and don’t use their mind at all.

  • Decade of change in the classroom

Its last decade when the ample of changes with respect to classroom with technology has taken place. Such kind of infusion of technology goes much beyond that of computers. Technological devices and internet has changed the means of learning which are taking place. Traditional methods of education are no longer the norm and now technology is root for almost all the lessons taught or methods of education.


Technology in education is playing the crucial role in the habits of study and skills of the children. But you will have to ensure that they are accessing the right information from Internet.

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Author: Sophia
Sophia Harris is an education consultant by profession at stunited.org She loves to write about new insight, information about education, learning and management tips. She has written many articles on education trends.

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