8 Videos You Must Watch to Learn About Integrating Technology (with 21st Century Vision) in Schools

Successful integration of technology in education is more than just introducing web tools to classroom.

When technology integration in schools is seamless and thoughtful, students not only become more engaged, they begin to take more control over their own learning, too. Effective tech integration changes classroom dynamics, encouraging student-centered project-based learning.

Watch out these videos below to learn more on integrating technology in schools keeping in mind the 21st century vision:

The video gives you top 10 reasons you cant deny using technology in education. The love for technology of students makes learning efficient, engaging and effective. The purpose of schools is to provide learning to students to help them grow and technology just adds a little more of it.

The video depicts how the use of technology can create successful learning environments. This integration not only helps students learn their subject more effectively but also makes them an active and updated learner.

This video titled “Schools for Kids” by Eric Sheninger explains the need for schools to understand the importance of integrating technology. He talks about how as an educator we need to stop controlling students and start trusting them with their ways of learning. The schools are meant for kids to learn and love the way they learn but we often find students disliking going to schools. The reason is that students want to learn their thing in a different way and this calls for a change. The possibilities that come our way with this integration are huge and hold a lot of potential.

This video focuses on how integration of technology can help implement 4 C’s of education:

Critical thinking




Apart from making our learning efficient and effective, technology also helps in attaining other skills as mentioned above.

This video reflects how integrating technology within classroom practices can be of great advantages. In this technology driven world, the video depicts how technology can make changes that can help transform the idea of education.

Paul Hamilton presents 'Technology in Education', a creative and artistic look at the challenges EdTech faces. It’s a great video that shows how we can bring the already existing technology in our pockets to our classrooms. His point for this integration is that if we invest so much into technical devices we should use them to the maximum and utilize it for productive ways as well indeed of limiting its use to convenience and entertainment.

The video conveys how fast technology is taking over and shows how by integrating it in education we can benefit from it. Children of globalized world know how to connect and use social media and other technologies.  By directing them to use it for the purpose of education can bring changes that are definitely promising. 

And this is how the classrooms of 21st century are going to be like. Where students get access to all the educational resources and the liberty to study what they want to study. These are going to be the Classrooms where education comes to life.

So which video did you like the most? Share your views and insights.

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