7 Great Easy to Use Tools for Student Assessment and Grading

7 Great Easy to Use Tools for Student Assessment and Grading

Teachers need to know what their students know in order to help them understand what they don’t know.

Luckily, many classrooms are changing into 21st century classes with technology initiatives. With access to tech teachers can not only deliver education in interactive and engaging manner but also assess students in better ways. Assessment helps to provide an objective. To help educators do effective assessments and grading to measure student learning I’ve created a list of tools that can be used by teachers in order to help their students learn more and best!

1) Naiku

 With a mission to positively impact education this platform is helping to bridge the lacking gap so that students can achieve to the maximum. Naiku is a next generation learning and assessment platform for institutions, teachers and students working with a belief that better assessment leads to better learning. Each student is different with different needs and when teachers understand individual needs students get engaged in their own learning and yield great returns.

The platform offers various products from which user can choose depending on the requirement, namely,

-- Naiku for Districts/Schools: It contains all of the features of Naiku for Teachers, plus additional functionality that facilitates collaboration among teachers and administrative staff across the school and/or the district.

 -- Naiku for Teachers: It is the leading next generation classroom assessment solution loaded with innovative solutions that engage your students and help accelerate and personalize learning far beyond traditional assessment.  Naiku for Teachers can comprehensively meet all of your classroom assessment needs.

-- Benchmark Now: It is a free on-line student assessment app that features ready-to-use exams for grades 3-12 that are tied to the Common Core State Standards.

-- Project 2061 Now: It is a free on-line student assessment app that includes over 600 items and ready-to-use exams for middle and early high school science.


2) ClassFlow

With this tool, you can measure student learning, receiving real-time insight into student progress, and deliver multimedia lessons across a connected learning environment, as well as create, store, and deliver interactive multimedia lessons in the cloud. ClassFlow provides teachers with real-time feedback on each student’s progress in the moment of learning while supporting administrators in making data-driven decisions on curriculum, usage and student progress against standards. All you have to do is log in to your ClassFlow account, prepare a ClassFlow lesson or upload your existing lesson, connect with students. Afterwards teachers can easily assess & analyze student understanding & customize teaching content based on individual needs for best outcomes. The platform can be accessed by teachers for free and is also stretch paid services to institutions. 

3) WriterKEY

It is an online application designed to improve the teaching, learning and assessment of writing across the curriculum. The rich set of tools they provide and features are a part of a formative system of writing improvement. Teachers have the tools needed to build formative writing assignments, provide supported feedback, encourage revision, and use data to inform instruction, while students write, revise, and reflect from the assignment to the portfolio.

Distinctive Features are: 

-- Assignment Builder

-- Data Analytics

-- Instructional Strategies

 -- Multi-teacher collaboration

 -- Built-in Objectives & Rubrics

 -- Post Analysis Feedback

 -- Writing Conference Tool

 -- Learning Activities

 -- Peer Editing

 -- Self Reflection Tools

  4) Edmodo Snapshots

It is the quickest and easiest way to see what your students know and hat they don’t. Just pick a subject area and standards, then Snapshot takes care of the rest, instantly creating formative assessments that you can assign to students as a warm-up, exit ticket, or however you choose. With real-time reports that illustrate progress by student and standard, Snapshot lets you know which lessons are making an impression and where students need more of your attention; information you can use to personalize learning.

5) Mastery Connect

It provides evaluation tools to teachers so that they can assess performance of the kids. Identify levels of understanding, target students for intervention, and improve learning and instruction with this solution; also assess and track mastery of state and Common Core standards. Know in real time what your students know.

Other features are:

-- Assessment with MULTIPLE CONTENT like rubrics, oral assessment or writing assessment.

-- MULTI-STANDARD/BENCHMARK ASSESSMENTS – Administer district-created or teacher-created benchmark assessments. Utilize third-party item bank content.

--RESPONSE TO INTERVENTION (RTI) – With simple reports and the mastery tracker, identifying students for tiered interventions has never been easier.


6) fuelEducation

With this solution, every problem is aligned to Common Core. As students complete each exercise, data is collected at every stop, giving teachers granular data that pinpoints concepts students are struggling with. Teachers can then create a playlist to personalize instruction, selecting from hundreds of tutorials and assessments. It helps teachers in following ways:

-- Identify what their students already know

-- Target concepts where their students need more practice

-- Personalize instruction to increase learning gains

-- Mentoring and engaging students one-to-one

-- Evaluating class performance with meaningful data

7) EssayTagger

To English teacher Keith Mukai, it became pretty clear that no one outside of education understood just how brutal and time-consuming it is to be a teacher. Here’s an impressive, intuitive, and gorgeous little tool to help you grade essays a lot faster. Created by teacher and for teachers. It’s not an auto-grader; you still grade papers yourself, but use it and you’ll see how it’s faster. Nothing to download, just go online. EssayTagger is a web-based tool that helps you grade your essays faster by eliminating the repetitive and inefficient aspects of grading papers. You'll be able to speed up your grading process without sacrificing the quality of the feedback you give to your students.

Distinctive features:

-- Teachers can mark errors and students will correct them.

-- Fast, effective and formative assessment.

-- Align to common core with zero efforts.

Go ahead and try your hand on these tools or if you have any experience with any of these tools, do share with us!  


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