EdTech Investors and Venture Capitalists You Should Follow on Twitter

EdTech Investors and Venture Capitalists You Should Follow on Twitter

With EdTech on boom, it has become easier for aspiring EdTech entrepreneurs to start an EdTech startup.

Various investors and VC Firms are keen to invest in EdTech sector for several reasons. Below is a list of EdTech Investors and Venture Capitalists that you can follow on Twitter, that have helped so many education startups grow and are still helping new ones.

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1) Allison Baum @Allison_Baum

Allison Baum is one of the managing directors of Fresco Capital and is involved in all aspects of investments and operations with a specific focus on the education technology sector. Her primary concerns are the parts of Asia.

2) Lightbox @lbvc

It is a $1oo million VC team based in Mumbai.  The venture capital firm is helping in building Indian tech companies. They have invested in early startups like Embibe, one of the most popular EdTech Company.

3) Gates Foundation @gatesed

Certainly not a venture capital firm but is the backbone of the education sector. It is the largest foundation in the world found by Melinda and Bill Gates. One of the primary aims of the foundation is to make education accessible to the world with the use of technology. The foundation is a major supporter of the VC firm “NewSchools Venture Fund.”

 4) Learn Capital @learncap

Popular platforms like Edmodo, Udemy, Classdojo, and BloomBoard are highlighted on the firm’s portfolio. This VC firm is focused on funding entrepreneurs who aims to change the education sector with their ideas of using technology in the field of education.

5) Sequoia Capital @sequoia_india

It is a startup, building founders & helping entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into industries.  Education investments include DuckDuckMoose, Inkling, and MindSnacks.

6) Hellion VC @HelionVC

The firm invests in technology powered and consumer service business. It is a $605 million VC firm based in India. The firm pumped $10 million into the online test preparation platform, Toppr.


7) Kalaari Capital @kalaari  

Based in Bangalore, it is a $160 million venture capital fund investing in early stage technology oriented companies in India. The firm has invested in EdTech companies like Simplilearn and Embibe.  

8) Adam Enbar @aenbar

He is the founder of Flatiron School and is a former estate developer. His greatest areas of interest are education. He is one of the investors in Udemy.  

9) Frank Bonsal III @frankbonsal  

He has invested in over 20 private education companies. He has served on boards for Better Lessons, Calvert Education, and Starfish Retention Solutions. 

10) 500 startups @500startups

It is an early stage seed funding company. Education investment includes Kidblog, Chalkable, MindSnacks, Magoosh, Motion Math, Storypanda, and Timbuktu.


New Enterprise Association is a global venture capitalist firm helping build transformational business.

Education investments include Coursera, Desire2Learn, Edmodo, and EverFi.

12) Kapor Capital @KaporCapital

It is a venture capital investment firm. The firm invests in fields like education, health, family, communication etc.   Education investments include Desmos, ePals, Fidelis, Inkling, Internmatch, MindSnacks, Motion Math, Piazza, and New Charter University.

13) Founders Fund @foundersfund

It is a venture capital firm investing in companies building revolutionary technologies. Education investments include Knewton, Inigral, and ResearchGate.

14) New Markets @newmarketsvp

New Markets venture partners is an early stage venture capital firm that invests mainly in innovative education and information technology. Education investments include Moodlerooms, BetterLesson, Blackboard, and Flat World Knowledge.

15) Charles River VC @CRV

Charles River Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments in technology and new media companies. 

Education investments include Udacity.

16) Spark Capital @sparkcapital

Spark Capital is a venture capital firm in the United States, with branches in Boston, New York, and San Francisco. Its portfolio includes Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Warby Parker, Stack Exchange, Upworthy, and many other companies. 

Education investments include Academia.edu, Altius Education, DIY, and SkillShare.

17) LightSpeed @lightspeedvp

Found in 2000, this VC firm invests in enterprise, technology and cleantech markets.

Education investments include DuckDuckMoose, TutorVista, and Orbis Education.

18) Bryce Roberts @bryce

Founder of OATV (O’Reilly Alpha Tech Ventures)

Education investments include Codecademy, Fidelis, and littlebits. 

19) First Round @firstround  

First Round is a venture capital firm that specializes in providing seed-stage funding to technology companies.

Education investments include Kno, KiwiCrate, Knewton, and Mightybell.

20) Acumen @acumen

Acumen raises charitable donations to invest in companies, leaders, and ideas to serve low-income population. They started investing in Education in 2011 with a focus on education services and skills or vocational training for low-income customers.

The Indian ventures they have made an investment in are Hippocampus and Edubridge.

21) Trey Billings @treybillings

Educator and entrepreneur interested in educational technology, EdReform and Higher Education. One of the investors in Desmos.com, Tutor Trove & Freudigman & Billings.    

22) Victor Reinoso @DCVAR

Co-Founder of Decision Science Labs. EdTech investor and advisor.

23) Oskar Serrander @oskarserrander

Vice President at iHeartMedia, Founding member of Spotify. An EdTech investor and advisor.

24) Sabrina Kay @DrSabrinaKay

She started as a fashion designer and now an EdTech entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Chancellor & CEO of Fremont College.  

25) Esther Tricoche @EstherTricoche

Passionate about venture philanthropy, education and neurosciences.  Associate Partner at New Schools. Philanthropic investor in K-12 education and EdTech.    

26) Mr. Annen @MrAnnen1

Educator and passionate about 1:1 technology. Basketball coach and EdTech investor.

27) Graham Forman @grahamforman

An investor, mentor and education entrepreneur. Founder and managing director of Edovate Capital. 

28) Hakan Satiroglu @HakanBoston

Entrepreneur, investor and EdTech executive Xlibrio, LearnLaunch, & MindBridge. 

29) Mike Lombardi @mike_lombardi

He is helping EdTech companies at Amazon Web Services. An Angel Investor. 

30) Vik Khanna @vikkhanna

Entrepreneur, mentor and investor in EdTech. President of TiE (Talent, Ideas, Enterprise) Vancouver.  

31) Ryan Craig @ryancraiguv

Managing Director of University Ventures. Higher education investor, entrepreneur and an author. Inclined towards EdTech.   

32) Don Burton @dcburton

Early age angel investor. Ex-Intrapreneur at Disney, Mckinsey & Co, Goldman Sachs. An Entrepreneur and founder of numerous EdTech startups. 

33) Hope Taitz @htaitz

EdTech investor for STEM education. BD Member at Penn, Pencil Of Promise, The Future Project, & CSNYC. 

34) Toby Sanders @tobylynn

Entrepreneur, investor and EdTech lover. 

35) Vesa Perala @wescu

Serial entrepreneur and investor. Founder of Inbot and Claned, an online learning space. 

36) Simon King @SimonpKing

VC Investor at Octopus Investments in EdTech, Machine Learning and learning new things.

37) Michael Jay ODonnell @ODMJ

UCF professor, EdTech investor and Angel Network Organizer. Founding Investor & Chairman of Joshua.    

38) Matthew Greenfield @mattgreenfield

Co-founder of Rethink Education, a venture capital fund focused on technology for learning. 

39) Shauntel Poulson @SLP_EDU

Education technology enthusiast. Providing startup capital and support to education companies focused on issues of access and opportunity in education.

40) Steve Case @stevecase

Chairman of the Case Foundation and Investment Firm Revolution, most notable investments include ZipCar & LivingSocial. Investments stretched to EdTech sectors, as he is a NewSchools Venture Fund Partner.

41) Michael Staton @mpstaton

An entrepreneur and partner at LearnCapital. Advisor to New Schools Venture Fund. Founder of Inigral & Uversity and Operator of educational technology blog Edumorphology. 

42) Fred Wilson @fredwilson

He is a VC, managing partner of Union Square Ventures. He is one of the investors for Codeacademy, Edmodo and Skillshare.  

43) Mitch Kapor @mkapor

Founder of Lotus Development Corporation. Investor in social impact startups & Partner in Kapor Capital. Education investments are Desmos, Inkling and New Charter University. 

44) Freada Klein @therealfreada

She runs the consulting firm Klein Associates and found the nonprofit Level Playing Field Institute with the goal of innovating new approaches to fairness in higher education and workplace. She is the other partner of Kapor Capital. Investor of social impact startups.   

45) Jon Sakoda @jonsakoda

An entrepreneur turned VC. General partner at New Enterprise Associate. Co-founder of IMlogic and currently serves on Desire2Learn.

Which other EdTech Investors do you follow? 

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