Amazing Tools to Help Your Students Showcase their Learning

Amazing Tools to Help Your Students Showcase their Learning

Demonstrating learning brings immense happiness and motivates students to do better. And this can be done in various forms by creating presentations, slides or maybe in the form of comics.

Tools that can help students & teachers do so are listed below.

Take a look!

1) Timeglider

Timeglider is web-based timeline software for creating and sharing history, project planning. You can "grab" the timeline and drag it left and right, and zoom in and out — much as you would with a mapping app. Students can use it to create timelines for their research projects or simply to summaries any comprehensive content in a fun way. 

It is a good way to track down the level of activity in a fun way. You can easily calculate the output from the input.  Being web-based, Timeglider lets you collaborate and share easily. You can create timelines about the last year of your family, the last century of world events, or about pre-historical times. You can zoom in to see ten minutes, or zoom out to see billions of years. It's great for visual thinkers and provides a nice way to show upper management the level of high activity at a glance. The good part is that once a timeline made it can be edited again and all the changes made can be seen by everyone who have access to that timeline. Students can create 3 free timelines as trials and is priced afterwards. Undergrads and younger students get this tool completely free.

Now watch this video below to know how to go about it:


With this amazing tool students can create newspaper clipping, a clapperboard, talking squirrels, tomatoes, owls, flowers, cats, and ninja & wizard texts. With this tool students can create amazing animated gifs or newspaper clippings. Users simply have to insert text and press enter. 

Once created, you can also download the gifs created. Students can use these to add some fun to their projects or to display some math equations and formulas in a fun ways.

Get a glimpse of how you can create the various gifs on fodey from the video below:

3) Voki

Voki is an educational tool that allows users to create their very own talking character. With this tool teaching and learning can be a lot more engaging and interesting. Teachers can create personalized avatars and embed them in their blogs or websites. The tool turns to a motivational tool by engaging students in the learning process. It also gives an option for students to customize these avatars so students can get creative with this tool. Also the dialogue exchange between these animated avatars can help students to refine their speaking and listening skills in an innovative way.

The different products offered by Voki are:

-- Voki – Create fun and unique animated characters that speak many languages. Customize their appearances and dialogues and share them with other for free.

-- Voki Classroom – This is specialized system for classroom needs. It helps students do their classroom and homework with Voki characters. Get a free trial for 15 days.    

-- Voki Presenter – This works as a presentation tool that can be used by teachers to create projects and presentations to increase student engagement. This helps you teach your lessons in a better way. 

-- Voki Teach – This includes voki presenter and it comes with Common core aligned, ready to teach curriculum designed by certified teachers.

Read more about the tool on “Free Technology for Teachers by Richard Byrne”.

And know how Krista Roop uses Voki in her classroom from the video below:


With this tool a group of peeps can easily collaborate, share ideas and make awesome projects. Group of students can share their ideas together and map them in the form of charts. Explore more on a single concept by getting to know more ideas of other students. The platform is also available on iOS in the form of app providing great mobility.

The video below will give you a complete knack of the product and an understanding of how beneficial can be for your classroom:

5) Bitstrips

Somethings are better expressed with graphics than just words. Bitstrips allows you to build your own personalized comic strips that not only helps you deliver your education in fun way but also with hands on this tool students can discover the artist in them. With 30 days free trial students and teachers can explore hundreds of curriculum related activities. The platform also provides for the app version that is available on iOS and Android.

Watch the video below to know how you can use Bitstrips in your classroom

6) Vocaroo

Great tool if you want to get your students doing recordings outside of the classroom and then sending them to their teacher or peers.

The tool is easy to use. Pressa button and recording starts press again to share the recording. User can record up to 60 seconds. The tool can be used to collaborate with teachers and peers to exchange audios and can be a great way to provide feedback. The audios recorded can also be downloaded and be used for further discussions on those ideas.

Watch the video below to get a feel of the product: 

7) Sharalike

This tool allows you to use your pictures and create videos and slideshows with the. So if you got pictures you can easily create projects and presentations that can be embedded in your regular classes to add some engagement. Sharalike let you automatically sort and enhance your pictures and videos, safely and easily store and share your content, and engage rich conversation between students and teachers. The tool can be very useful to make innovative projects and presentations.

The tool is available in app form for iOS and Android users.

Which tools do your students? Are you familiar with any of these mentioned above? Do share with us. 

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