10 Cyber Bullying Videos You Must Watch

10 Cyber Bullying Videos You Must Watch

Cyber bullying is humiliating, endangering, threatening, and degrading online reputation of a person. The affects of online bullying do affect the victim more than an ill online image.

Below is a list of 10 cyber bullying videos that will help you understand the issue and its consequences more.

1. Cyber Bullying Virus           

This video shows how bullying spreads like a virus where victim is humiliated by masses. Everyone laughing and supporting the bullying is equally responsible for this crime.  The victim faces a lot of anger, hatred and depression. But this problem can be deleted. Fight against bullying.

2. Cyber Bullying –The Effects 

The video shows the adverse effects of cyber bullying on the victim. The pain, and suffering of the victim for doing nothing. The adverse effects like hatred from peers, humiliation, being mocked by masses and even suicide.

3. Its not Physical Its Personal : Cyber Bullying

A simple representation of how one single person, a single post can damage the life of any with long-term effects. Cyber bullying never leaves. It stays. Once posted online you cannot put it down. It also shows how we can end it. All you need to do is support the victim and speak up when you see something wrong happening.

4. Cyber Bullying:  A Video to Educate Students and Parents

The video is intended to show students how their online activities have offline consequences and that they should consider before clicking that their activities might spoil or impact of many people offline.

5. How to Beat Cyberbullies

A very nice video showing how to tackle the problem of cyber bullying in 4 easy steps.

6. End Cyber Bullying

A great depiction of cyber bullying and its impact. Cyber bullying is affecting over 85% of teens across the world, and its effects range from depression, withdrawal, and even suicide. “The beauty of the internet is that we are the community and we have the power to change our community for the better.”


7. Cyber bullying: There is a Way Out

great video showing how kids can get a way out of cyber bullying. Parents and teachers play an important role when the kid is being bullied and the video depicts how they can help the kid to get out of it.

8. How to STOP CYBERBULLYING - Prevent Cyberbullying and Beat Cyberbullies

Watch the examples in this video that will help you to know how you should tackle the problem of cyber bullies.  

9. Jigsaw: for 8 -10 year olds

A great video that will guide the kids about safety concerns they need to take care of when online. Know whom you can trust and talk to. This video will help children to understand what constitute personal information and how they should be alert in an online world.  

10. Rethink before you type – Trisha Prabhu

A TEDx Talk on cyber bullying, its effect, and how one can prevent themselves from cyber bullying. The video is based on a story of a young girl who killed herself after being a victim of cyber bullying. It also talks about rethink: a non-intrusive, innovative, patented software product that stops Cyber bullying before the damage is done.

Make sure that you add links to your favorite videos in the comment section below. 

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