School Videos You Must Watch Before Creating One for Your Own School

 School Videos You Must Watch Before Creating One for Your Own School

Before investing in your school video I am sure you would want to see what all the successful schools are practicing.

You can simply watch the videos from the list below to know a little about what all you need to keep in mind before you create your own school video.

1. Jasper Place High School 

Great video that will give you insights on what students expect out of their school. What all constitutes to a keep your students happy and how can you present all of these to the masses out there.

2. Belton High School

An interesting video that will help you understand more about how you can make a school video that will be loved by all those in the school and outside.

3. Stockton's ABLE Charter High School

Great way to present the unique ideas and the motto of students in the school.

4. Dana Elementary School

Amazing video showing a vision of 21st century School.

5. The Stonehenge School

Show the importance of other co curricular activities in a students life and how important role does a school plays in that.

6. American School of Bombay

Show how you push students to fulfill their dreams, this school inspire students to continuous inquiry, empower them with the skills, courage, optimism, and integrity to pursue their dreams and enhance the lives of others.

7. Savanna High School

A great video that talks about giving students the skill set they need to stand out in the 21st century and how schools need to change accordingly in order to do so.

8. Burnside Primary School

You must watch this video to know more about what all you will need to consider in order to be all set for younger kids school and their presentation online.

9. Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School

Showcase how technology aids to education along with gorgeous campus landscaping sprawling grounds for sports and other facilities, creating a highly educational environment that can comfort students from around the world. Highlight theme and key points like Gurukul unfolds the answer to the true educational philosophy that will cater abstract and missing needs of Sadvidya, the value system that will personify your child with respect, dedication, discipline, integrity and such moral values along with Brahmvidya, the spiritual education.

10. Leland Public School

Come out with small school setting with a world-class education. Take a look at why LPS has earned national recognition year after year!

11. Millis High School

A fun video to know the settings you may want to consider in your school before you start rolling.

12. New Milford High School

Amazing video capturing the student culture and school environment at NMHS.

13. The Duston School

Great video showing labs and other surrounding that are being enjoyed by students.

14. Spirit Lake High School

Show more about technology integration from teacher’s point of view.

15. Walton Primary School 

A very nice video highlighting all the important aspects that you must consider before recording the little ones.

16. Pathways World School

School video highlighting how Pathways Schools bring joy to education.

17. American Embassy School

School video showcases the various ways American Embassy School works for student development in the digital age.

18. Canadian International School, Bangalore

School's video to give you a sense of the Canadian International School campus and its practices.

Which video inspired you the most? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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