EdTech Companies Making Impact in Higher Education Assessment

Below is a list of companies that are helping institutions adopt edtech solutions by providing them impactful solutions for higher education assessment and evaluation.

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1. Civitas Learning

About: Civitas Learning partners with forward-thinking institutions to harness the power of insight and action analytics to power and scale student success initiatives bringing the best of education, technology, and data together to measurably improve student persistence, retention, and graduation. Using a cloud-based predictive analytics platform and engaging applications, Civitas Learning delivers insights to the frontlines, where committed students, faculty, advisors, and administrators can use them to inform decisions, big and small to deepen learning and improve outcomes.

Found In: 2011


Found By: Charles Thornburgh, Mark Milliron

2. Digital Assess

About: Digital Assess supplies innovative world ­class education technology which facilitates evidence based assessment for all levels of formal education, eLearning, vocational and workplace training. Supporting and improving the whole learning process, Digital Assess has developed a dependable way of both capturing and assessing skills, so learners can demonstrate every facet of applied knowledge. The technology then allows you to make razor ­sharp judgments with ease. The list of their customers includes world-class organizations such as Cambridge Assessment, Oxford University Press, AQA, Pearson, City & Guilds and the University of Edinburgh.

Found In: 2014


Found By: Dan Sandhu

3. Chalk and Wire

About: Chalk & Wire has helped institutions demonstrate student competency and improve the evaluation of learning outcomes for nearly 20 years. Chalk & Wire’s market-leading assessment platform is built on its Core Validity process, which drives alignment between faculty and leadership through a unified assessment language and raises inter-rater reliability earlier in the process. Chalk & Wire takes a consultative approach to helping institutions prove their value and efficacy as well as their ability to prepare students for their post-graduate pursuits.

Found In: 1995


4. Ellucian

About: Ellucian is the world’s leading provider of software and services higher education institutions need to help students succeed. Ellucian supports higher education community by providing student information systems (SIS), finance and HR, recruiting, retention, analytics and advancement software solutions. With more than 1,400 institutions subscribing to Ellucian’s cloud services and SaaS offerings, the company is one of the largest providers of cloud-based solutions. Last year Ellucian announced availability of Higher Education’s First End-to-End Solution that enables culture of action-based performance management and engagement.

Found In: 1968


5. Respondus

About: This company develops assessment applications for the eLearning market. Thousands of instructors at over 2,000 colleges and universities in over 50 countries use Respondus software to enhance the capabilities of their learning management systems. 

Found In: 2000


6. SkillSoft

About: Skillsoft provides cloud based assessment and learning solutions for its customers worldwide, ranging from global enterprises, and government, to education. Skillsoft's customer support teams draw on a wealth of in-house experience, flexible delivery platforms and a comprehensive learning e-library to develop off-the-shelf and custom learning programs tailored to cost-effectively meet customer needs. 

Found In: 1990


7. Taskstream

About: They excel at providing cloud-based tools to advance effective assessment. With Taskstream, you have the clarity you need to set strategic goals, address accreditation requirements, and demonstrate continuous improvement. With a mission to delight our customers with the best technology and support to ensure that students have the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a global society ,they provide institutions with world class assessment solutions. 

Found In: 2000


8. eLumen

About: eLumen Collaborative provides student outcomes and assessment software to academic institutions. Through this innovative, versatile technology, colleges and universities can measure actual student learning outcomes relative to the expected outcomes. 

Found In: 2003


9. TK20

About: offers assessment solutions to help foster a culture of evidence at institutions in the United States and abroad. Some of the features are:

- Expert assessment professionals 
- Skillful software design approaches for ease of navigation 
- Customizable tabular interface tailored to meet the needs of the institution 
- Integrated planning and budgeting that reflect holistic planning processes 
- Comprehensive and customized reporting 


10. Nuventive

Nuventive provides solutions for students, faculty and administrators to assess, communicate and improve personal and institutional performance. Our software and services support strategic planning, the management of academic and administrative outcomes, and accreditation. Visit Nuventive at

Found In: 2000

Website: www.nuventive.com

11. Questionmark 

Questionmark supports institutions of higher learning with a range of assessment management capabilities for measuring, analyzing and documenting knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes. Colleges, universities and distance learning organizations worldwide count on Questionmark's technologies for results including:

  • Improved learning outcomes
  • Increased student satisfaction
  • Vital data for accreditation

Found In: 1988

Website: https://www.questionmark.com/content/assessment-solutions-higher-education

12. TAO 

With TAO meeting the requirements for formative, summative and diagnostic assessments, it is seen as a key component of educational reform and innovative teaching methods such as Flipped Instruction and BYOD testing.

TAO has established itself as the de facto alternative to costly proprietary assessment solutions for K-12 and Higher Education.

As the leading provider of open source assessment solutions, OAT has repeatedly demonstrated TAO’s effectiveness in large-scale field deployments such as the National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC), the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), and the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC).

Found In: 2002 

Website: http://www.taotesting.com/who-uses-tao/educators/

13. MeritTrac

MeritTrac is India’s largest private testing and assessment company, and the first Indian full member of the US Association of Test Publishers.

Launched by the Manipal Group in 2000, MeritTrac quickly gained ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001 certifications, and revolutionised the way testing is conducted by helping the country’s transition from the traditional 'paper and pencil' method to online examinations.

MeritTrac’s testing network of 400 test centres is spread across 300 cities, while the online network of 100,000 terminals is across 200 cities.

MeritTrac has extensive experience in design, development and delivery of tests to evaluate knowledge, abilities and skills of candidates/students for educational institutions, government departments, PSUs and corporates.

Website: http://www.merittrac.com/

Any other company that you’d like to mention? The comment box awaits you.


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