panOpen to Empower Faculty and Schools to Realize the Potential of OERs

panOpen to Empower Faculty and Schools to Realize the Potential of OERs

Gone are the days when everything was limited to only textbooks.

Now students and educators reach out and explore more than they ever used to, and for this all thanks goes to the web. With technology integration, education has reached a new level of gaining knowledge and experience. And with so much going on OERs are a hit in EdTech sector.

Open education resources are freely accessible, openly licensed documents and media that are useful for teaching, learning and research purposes. The ease they have provided teachers and students is impeccable. But with so much information out there, it is difficult to find resources that you can rely on. In this case, platforms like panOpen are great that provides high quality curriculum material to suit the needs of educators and students. The benefit of these platforms that are providing educational material is that it saves you the struggle to find curriculum aligned and reliable educational content.

Started in April 2013 by Brian Jacobs, panOpen enables faculty members of institutions to create personalized learning experience using highly vetted and curated Open Educational Resources. "Accessibility and affordability are central issues in the national discussion concerning higher education," said Brian Jacobs, CEO and Founder of panOpen in their press release

The platform easily integrates with your existing LMS with a single sign on, grade book syncing, and more.

Also panOpen help students saving hundreds of dollars on textbooks as they pay a small platform fee for access to high quality and technologically rich open source courseware and tools, providing a foundation for lower cost materials and improved learning outcomes.

Users simply have to create an account to access, personalize or create content for their use and they are good to go with the accessibility of this tool. Further teachers can chose their content, curate it, add more content, edit chapters or use it just they way they want. Teachers can also use existing videos, presentations, teaching slides, and customizable quizzes to support students’ learning experience and make learning more fun.


Major Benefits:

  • Saves you the struggle to find apt content.
  • Students don’t have to buy expensive books.
  • Users get to create content and share easily with their students.
  • Can be used for any subject. The platform offers “pillar” resources in the areas of history, chemistry, economics, physics, biology, psychology, business and finance. 
  • The content is also freely downloadable, printable and shareable to all.
  • Allows faculty to monitor student progress and engagement.

Watch out the video below in which Brian Jacobs explain the working of the platform and the way the tool can help you deliver education like never before.

So educators try out this tool and share your experience with us.

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