Web Tools And Resources For Parents of Digital Age

Web Tools And Resources For Parents of Digital Age

We need to understand and accept that time now is different than it used to be when you were kids.

Yes! This is a shout out to all the parents who keep saying “When I was of your age….”. Share your stories but don’t demean your kids’ future stories.

We are living in a world where things are getting digitalized at a fast pace and it is natural for kids to be inclined towards all the technology that is happening around them. Living in the era of world wide web, it is certain that while using the internet kids will get exposure to not just just the good things but the bad ones as well.

As a parent, what you can do is minimize the risk of getting your kids exposed to the explicit content over internet. Parenting in the digital age is not just limited to making your kids aware about the proper use of internet, but as a parent you will also have to make sure that you are being able to guide your kid in right direction without being “too interfering”!

To be able to walk the talk, below is a list of various resources and tools that you will find useful .

So the first check is web tools! You can do so by using various software that are available which helps you block the unwanted and malicious content on your PC so that your kids remain safe digitally.

Below is a list of tools that might help you provide a safe internet environment to your kids.

Check it out:

1. Norton by Symantec

This software lets parents monitor the websites their children visit as well as what they search for online and who they chat with. Not only can parents set time-limits for how long their offspring can use the PC for, they can also see their social networking activities and even receive an email report about all of the kid's online activities. Kids can explore the net freely and all the acticities would be in your knowledge so that you can guide them to use internet intelligently.  

2. Windows Live Family Safety

If you are sharing your windows based PC with your kid. This is it. Period.

This is one amazing software that provides you with set of tools  for keeping children away from questionable material online. With a professional layout and a great deal of flexibility, this is a great tool for cleaning up your home Internet access.

3. AVG Family Safety

The good thing is that with this software you can create individual profile for your kids enabling them to access internet according to their age. As well as blocking inappropriate content, such as pornographic sites, the software lets user prevent access to over 80 different social networks.


Apt for kids under the age of 10, this is a perfect app that works as an additional browser that will show up the main attractions that kids are intereseted in like games, videos etc. It works as a specialized browser that serves up exactly those items, all within a safe, colorful, kid-friendly interface.  

5. The Open DNS

It's a server-level filter that promises to protect your kids from online violence, pornography, phishing, and more.  It blocks inappropriate and malicious sites. You don't have to install or program any software or set any permissions; OpenDNS does it all for you. You can, however, choose one of five filtering levels, the highest of which blocks everything from adult-related sites to video-sharing sites to "general time-wasters." It works more as “PC for only homework” :D

6. K9 Web Protection

With this software on your PC you can easily Block web sites in more than 70 categories, including pornography, gambling, drugs, violence/hate/racism, malware/spyware, phishing and more that you find not suitable for the kids. some pre-defined profiles speed up this process. Selecting "High", for instance, blocks almost everything and is suitable for very young children, while the "Minimal" profile is more relaxed, a better option for teenagers.

You can also make your own custom selection of site types to block, or just choose the Monitor option, which lets people go to whatever sites they like, but logs them for review later.

7. Net Nanny

This is the #1 parental control software. Control your kids’ internet usage. This software enables you to block pornography, masks profanity and helps you monitor your kids’ activity over social media platforms. Other than these the software offers other features where parents can limit time, get regular alerts and more that help parents make their kids digitally safe.     

8. UnKnown Kids

Apart from proving all the features that all the cyber safe tools are giving, this tool enables you to go in deep on social accounts of your child. Supports Facebook with data on status updates, messages and checkins; photo, video, event and link posts; likes and comments made and received; photos posted or tagged in; location updates; and friends. And similarly it works for instagram and twitter. Some of the most popular social media platform that are common among kids.

9. Qustodio

This works as an app that needs to be installed on your child’s device and you can manage all the activities that are being carried by the kids. Apart from blocking sites, and tracking social media activities, parents can also check whom kids are texting and calling and set time limits or particular activities like playing games or internet surfing.  

10. Safe Eyes

This software gives you Content Controls - Flexible content control allows you to select the types of websites and content that are appropriate.

Program Controls - Control Instant Messengers, iTunes, P2P File Sharing, and other harmful programs.

Time Controls - Control the amount of time spent online, and the times when the internet is available.

Usage Logging - Create and review logs of websites visited, programs used on the Internet, and Instant Messaging Chats.

Usage Alerts - Be notified instantly via email, text message, or phone call when someone visits inappropriate websites.

Other Resources You Must Check:

1. Because everything good comes with some consequences, the consequences of having the perks of digital era aren’t just limited to getting an exposure to profanity and pornography, getting involved in social interactions with peers can lead your kid to be a victim or practitioner of cyber bullying. So parents beware of your kids online activities. You must check the resources mentioned below to know how to handle the issue on arrival.

STOP CYBERBULLYING: what's parents role in this

18 Tips to STOP Cyberbullying.    

10 Ways Parents Can Help Prevent Cyberbullying

Forbes: Tips for Parents and Teens (Prevention Of Cyberbullying)

2. And I dont want you to skip on this resource. This one talks of digital parenting in terms of generation gap, parenting styles and relationship that you have with your kids. This is a digital orkshop for digital parenting. Check it out here.

3. Steps to Good Digital Parenting:

This resource is a great guide that will help you have better interpersonal relationship with the kids. There is no point of having all the protection softwares if your kids dont share their activities with you first itself.  

4. Family Online Safety Institute

This platform is dedicated to make world a better place! Like really, you will get all the amazing tips, advices and knowledge about tools that will give you the confidence to walk tall in the digital world. Mark the age of your child on the filter on the left panel of the page and you are good to go with all your queries to get answered.

5. Eightfold Path to Good Digital Parenting

And this last resource from the list is a nice way to tell the parents about the impact of technology in the kids’ lives and how they must embrace it.

Share your views on digital parentng with us, the comment box awaits you. 

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